Locator (0x3000005)

A locator is a versatile type of chunk whose primary feature is containing a location in the world and depending on the type, one or more Trigger Volumes and potentially even other chunk types.


Type Name¹ Uses
0 Event Locator  
1 Script Locator  
2 Locator² Used for Wasp Cameras, Gag Positions and Gag Triggers³.
3 Car Start Locator  
4 Spline Locator  
5 Zone Event Locator  
6 Occlusion Locator  
7 Interior Entrance Locator  
8 Directional Locator  
9 Action Event Locator  
10 FOV Locator  
11 ? Unused.
12 Static Cam Locator  
13 Ped Group Locator Used to change the active Ped Group when the player enters it's trigger.
14 ? When loaded, the game will place a coin at the locator's position.
15 Spawn Point Created internally to house triggers that spawn wasp cameras.

¹ These names are the official names Radical gave to these locator types and are derived from the game's Run-Time Type Information.

² This type of locator has no effect unless it's referenced by a script.

³ Gag Triggers are different from most Trigger Volumes since they're created automatically at the position of this locator

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