Hit & Run General

Welcome to the official documentation hub for modding The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Here you will find various resources and tutorials you can use to learn more about modding the game. Please note that this documentation is largely incomplete for the time being. More information and articles will be added as time goes on but many resources may not be available yet.

Getting Started

To use existing mods, please see the Mod Launcher Setup tutorial.

Command Line Arguments

This is a table of the various command line arguments that the game supports.

Command Line Argument Description
MANUALRESETDAMAGE Repairs the players car when they reset it onto the road with the reset key.
NOPEDS Disables sidewalk pedestrians and makes other types of NPCs invisible.
RANDOMBUTTONS Simulates random button inputs continuously.
FEGAGS Makes the game output to the console which gag it is about to play on the main menu. Also makes the gags play every 15 seconds instead of every 15-30 seconds.
SKIPFE Seems to attempt to make the game skip the main menu and go straight in-game but causes it to crash.
NOTRAFFIC Disables traffic cars.
NOHUD Disables the in-game HUD.
SPEEDOMETER Shows a text speedometer (the same one as the cheat code).
FEUNJOINED Makes the game attempt to load PNG files instead of using the PNG files inside the frontend P3Ds.
MUTE Disables most audio and also seems to prevent settings from being loaded.




Type Name
22 SuperSprintCam


Non-Generic Characters

Character Code Base Character Outfits
Hom homer








Mrg marge




Brt bart






Lis lisa




Apu apu



Agn askinner


Brn barney



Bee beeman  
Crl carl  
Cbg cbg b_cbg
Clt cletus b_cletus
Dol dolph  
Nic nriviera  
Frk frink b_frink
Fla ned  
Gil gil  
Kan kang  
Kod kodos  
Grp grandpa b_grandpa
Mol moleman  
Jas jasper  
Kea kearney reward_kearney
Kru krusty  
Len lenny  
Loe lou  
Lou louie  
Mil milhouse b_milhouse
Moe moe  
Mel nelson b_nelson
Oto otto reward_otto
Pat patty  
Qim quimby  
Ral ralph b_ralph
Sea captain  
Sel selma  
Skn skinner b_skinner
Smi smithers b_smithers
Snk snake b_snake
Svt teen  
Wig wiggum  
Wil willie reward_willie
Zom zombie  
Zm1 zombie1 b_zmale1
Zm2 zombie2 b_zmale3
Zm3 zombie3 b_zfem5
Zm4 zombie4 b_zmale4
Hib hibbert  
Bur burns  
Rod rod  
Todd todd  
Bkm brockman  
Hbn homerbrain  
Vm1 traffic1  
Vm2 traffic2  
Vm3 traffic3  
Vm4 traffic4  

Generic Characters

Character Code Base Character Outfits
Mn1 male1











Mn2 male2










Fm1 fem1






Fm2 fem2






By1 boy1 boy
By2 boy2




Gr1 girl1



Gr2 girl2 girl2
Zm1 zombie1 zmale1
Zm2 zombie2 zmale3
Zm3 zombie3



Zm4 zombie4 zmale4

Crash Addresses

This page documents crash addresses for each game version, why they might've happened and possible solutions for them.

Game Version Problem/Solution
English International Best Sellers Demo
0x45E5E8 0x45E348 0x45E148 0x45E6D8

The game seemingly attempted to create road arrows during a mission stage and that failed for some reason.


Try adding/changing the second argument of AddObjective to intersection, nearest road or both.


If if it still crashes, try just using neither though this is more of a last resort as that disables road arrows altogether.

0x4BF066 0x4BF446 0x4BF216 0x4BF1A6

The game crashed because "No Path Finding" on the "Vehicles" page of "Debug Test" was enabled during a mission.


The game seems to consistently crash at one of the two addresses when exiting the game too soon after pressing the "9" key with the Debug Test hack enabled.

Might be related to the amount of cars that explode.

0x4C0AB6 0x4C0E96 0x4C0BF6 0x4C0BF6


0x4F0A17 0x4F0DC7 0x4F0BC7 0x4F0B27

A car was deleted while it's CON file was still loading.



Dyna Load Data


Dyna Load Data is a type of string used in various parts of the game including Locators (type 5) and mission scripts to load/unload sections of the world.

There's also unused functionality to toggle the visibility of World Spheres (the sky of a world).


Symbol Purpose
; Region Load
: Region Unload
@ Interior Load
$ Interior Unload
* Enable World Sphere
& Disable World Sphere


Dyna Load Data is a series of file names (relative to the art folder) or World Sphere names followed by the aforementioned symbols to load/unload or enable/disable them.

Here are some examples.




Event Locator Events

This page documents events and their parameters for Event (Type 0) Locators.

Event ID Effect

Triggers the event "L2_light_city_day" in "ambience.rms".


Triggers the event "L2_railyard_day" in "ambience.rms".


Triggers the event "L1_Burns_Mansion_Interior" in "ambience.rms".


Triggers the event "Social_Club" in the current music RMS.


Pushes "pause_region" to the top of the stack in "ambience.rms".
It's unclear which event is used to do this.

65 Modifies the lighting with the color in the parameter field.

Used to enter vehicles.


This type is dynamically created by the game.

This page is primarily based on in-game observations with additional details being obtained with Debug Text. As such, many of these events may have additional effects not listed here.


Music RSD File Sizes

This is a list of file sizes for every music RSD file in the base game.

File Size Hex Size
sound/music/banjo_end_neg_b4.rsd 547,840 bytes 00 5C 08 00
sound/music/banjo_end_pos.rsd 618,496 bytes 00 70 09 00
sound/music/banjo_end_sus_b2.rsd 301,152 bytes 60 98 04 00
sound/music/banjo_main.rsd 17,857,088 bytes 40 7A 10 01
sound/music/bart_chase01.rsd 16,943,464 bytes 68 89 02 01
sound/music/bart_chase01_end_neg1.rsd 544,088 bytes 58 4D 08 00
sound/music/bart_chase01_end_neg3.rsd 408,556 bytes EC 3B 06 00
sound/music/bart_chase01_end_pos_b4.rsd 713,500 bytes 1C E3 0A 00
sound/music/bart_chase01_end_sus.rsd 324,380 bytes 1C F3 04 00
sound/music/bart_chase02.rsd 14,639,180 bytes 4C 60 DF 00
sound/music/bart_chase02_end_neg.rsd 408,556 bytes EC 3B 06 00
sound/music/bart_chase02_end_pos_b4.rsd 306,912 bytes E0 AE 04 00
sound/music/bart_chase02_end_sus1.rsd 171,384 bytes 78 9D 02 00
sound/music/bart_chase02_end_sus2_b4.rsd 713,500 bytes 1C E3 0A 00
sound/music/bart_chase03.rsd 15,722,540 bytes 2C E8 EF 00
sound/music/bart_chase03_end_neg.rsd 340,792 bytes 38 33 05 00
sound/music/bart_chase03_end_pos.rsd 544,088 bytes 58 4D 08 00
sound/music/bart_chase03_end_sus.rsd 408,560 bytes F0 3B 06 00
sound/music/bart_chase04.rsd 16,650,748 bytes FC 11 FE 00
sound/music/bart_chase04_end_sus1.rsd 132,112 bytes 10 04 02 00
sound/music/bart_chase04_end_sus2.rsd 113,528 bytes 78 BB 01 00
sound/music/bart_chase04_end_sus3.rsd 76,368 bytes 50 2A 01 00
sound/music/bollywood01_drama.rsd 5,062,400 bytes 00 3F 4D 00
sound/music/bollywood01_end_neg.rsd 388,528 bytes B0 ED 05 00
sound/music/bollywood01_end_pos_b3.rsd 397,308 bytes FC 0F 06 00
sound/music/bollywood01_end_sus.rsd 245,756 bytes FC BF 03 00
sound/music/bollywood01_main.rsd 12,920,800 bytes E0 27 C5 00
sound/music/bollywood02_end_neg_b4.rsd 377,852 bytes FC C3 05 00
sound/music/bollywood02_end_pos.rsd 279,036 bytes FC 41 04 00
sound/music/bollywood02_end_sus_b4.rsd 361,852 bytes 7C 85 05 00
sound/music/bollywood02_intro.rsd 490,192 bytes D0 7A 07 00
sound/music/bollywood02_main.rsd 17,039,136 bytes 20 FF 03 01
sound/music/bollywood03_end_neg_b4.rsd 388,092 bytes FC EB 05 00
sound/music/bollywood03_end_pos_b3.rsd 434,172 bytes FC 9F 06 00
sound/music/bollywood03_end_sus_b4.rsd 321,020 bytes FC E5 04 00
sound/music/bollywood03_main.rsd 17,096,188 bytes FC DD 04 01
sound/music/bollywood03_pickup.rsd 63,504 bytes 10 F8 00 00
sound/music/burning_rubber.rsd 11,926,780 bytes FC FC B5 00
sound/music/burn_rubber_end_neg1.rsd 518,508 bytes 6C E9 07 00
sound/music/burn_rubber_end_neg2.rsd 722,436 bytes 04 06 0B 00
sound/music/burn_rubber_end_pos1.rsd 642,684 bytes 7C CE 09 00
sound/music/burn_rubber_end_pos2.rsd 558,868 bytes 14 87 08 00
sound/music/burn_rubber_end_sus1.rsd 396,004 bytes E4 0A 06 00
sound/music/burn_rubber_end_sus2.rsd 596,324 bytes 64 19 09 00
sound/music/cbg_end_neg.rsd 544,216 bytes D8 4D 08 00
sound/music/cbg_end_pos.rsd 650,496 bytes 00 ED 09 00
sound/music/cbg_end_sus.rsd 415,608 bytes 78 57 06 00
sound/music/cbg_main.rsd 14,423,080 bytes 28 14 DC 00
sound/music/cbg_pickup.rsd 25,308 bytes DC 62 00 00
sound/music/collection01d_drama.rsd 10,514,048 bytes 80 6E A0 00
sound/music/collection01d_drama_pickup_b3.rsd 74,048 bytes 40 21 01 00
sound/music/collection01d_end_neg.rsd 411,608 bytes D8 47 06 00
sound/music/collection01d_end_pos.rsd 276,016 bytes 30 36 04 00
sound/music/collection01d_end_sus_b2.rsd 279,548 bytes FC 43 04 00
sound/music/collection01d_main.rsd 10,082,048 bytes 00 D7 99 00
sound/music/collection01d_pickup_b4.rsd 38,048 bytes A0 94 00 00
sound/music/collection02_end_neg_b4.rsd 329,728 bytes 00 08 05 00
sound/music/collection02_end_pos_b1_3.rsd 406,528 bytes 00 34 06 00
sound/music/collection02_end_sus1_b4.rsd 245,760 bytes 00 C0 03 00
sound/music/collection02_end_sus2_b4.rsd 228,352 bytes 00 7C 03 00
sound/music/collection02_main.rsd 13,062,864 bytes D0 52 C7 00
sound/music/collection02_pickup.rsd 33,552 bytes 10 83 00 00
sound/music/disco_drama.rsd 5,675,996 bytes DC 9B 56 00
sound/music/disco_end_drama.rsd 511,996 bytes FC CF 07 00
sound/music/disco_end_neg.rsd 303,100 bytes FC 9F 04 00
sound/music/disco_end_pos.rsd 538,620 bytes FC 37 08 00
sound/music/disco_end_sus.rsd 209,404 bytes FC 31 03 00
sound/music/disco_main.rsd 9,394,172 bytes FC 57 8F 00
sound/music/disco_victory.rsd 2,745,948 bytes 5C E6 29 00
sound/music/duffbeer_spoof.rsd 1,562,036 bytes B4 D5 17 00
sound/music/fe_trans01.rsd 342,016 bytes 00 38 05 00
sound/music/fe_trans02.rsd 361,128 bytes A8 82 05 00
sound/music/fe_trans03.rsd 348,140 bytes EC 4F 05 00
sound/music/frink_end_neg.rsd 513,784 bytes F8 D6 07 00
sound/music/frink_end_pos.rsd 531,452 bytes FC 1B 08 00
sound/music/frink_end_sus.rsd 551,932 bytes FC 6B 08 00
sound/music/frink_intro.rsd 297,448 bytes E8 89 04 00
sound/music/frink_main.rsd 15,163,456 bytes 40 60 E7 00
sound/music/gogo_drama.rsd 7,046,052 bytes A4 83 6B 00
sound/music/gogo_drama_pickup.rsd 75,348 bytes 54 26 01 00
sound/music/gogo_end_neg.rsd 543,744 bytes 00 4C 08 00
sound/music/gogo_end_pos.rsd 421,888 bytes 00 70 06 00
sound/music/gogo_end_sus.rsd 518,144 bytes 00 E8 07 00
sound/music/gogo_main.rsd 13,647,696 bytes 50 3F D0 00
sound/music/halloween_end_neg.rsd 454,652 bytes FC EF 06 00
sound/music/halloween_end_pos.rsd 522,240 bytes 00 F8 07 00
sound/music/halloween_end_sus.rsd 477,184 bytes 00 48 07 00
sound/music/halloween_intro.rsd 309,248 bytes 00 B8 04 00
sound/music/halloween_main.rsd 14,133,248 bytes 00 A8 D7 00
sound/music/hallsballs_end_neg2.rsd 493,268 bytes D4 86 07 00
sound/music/hallsballs_end_pos2.rsd 374,040 bytes 18 B5 05 00
sound/music/hallsballs_end_sus2.rsd 421,848 bytes D8 6F 06 00
sound/music/halls_balls.rsd 19,070,588 bytes 7C FE 22 01
sound/music/harp_music04.rsd 2,401,824 bytes 20 A6 24 00
sound/music/harp_music05.rsd 2,724,620 bytes 0C 93 29 00
sound/music/hit_run_end_neg.rsd 462,844 bytes FC 0F 07 00
sound/music/hit_run_intro.rsd 137,692 bytes DC 19 02 00
sound/music/hit_run_main.rsd 6,255,760 bytes 90 74 5F 00
sound/music/horn_triumph.rsd 397,784 bytes D8 11 06 00
sound/music/in_game01b_cymbal.rsd 75,776 bytes 00 28 01 00
sound/music/in_game01b_drama.rsd 4,339,456 bytes 00 37 42 00
sound/music/in_game01b_end_neg_a.rsd 69,816 bytes B8 10 01 00
sound/music/in_game01b_end_neg_b.rsd 811,004 bytes FC 5F 0C 00
sound/music/in_game01b_end_pos.rsd 283,132 bytes FC 51 04 00
sound/music/in_game01b_end_sus.rsd 243,708 bytes FC B7 03 00
sound/music/in_game01b_main.rsd 4,880,636 bytes FC 78 4A 00
sound/music/land_of_choc_end_neg.rsd 555,520 bytes 00 7A 08 00
sound/music/land_of_choc_end_pos.rsd 430,016 bytes C0 8F 06 00
sound/music/land_of_choc_main.rsd 14,110,400 bytes C0 4E D7 00
sound/music/margesamba_end_neg.rsd 479,228 bytes FC 4F 07 00
sound/music/margesamba_end_pos_b3.rsd 267,260 bytes FC 13 04 00
sound/music/margesamba_end_sus.rsd 520,188 bytes FC EF 07 00
sound/music/margesamba_intro.rsd 157,724 bytes 1C 68 02 00
sound/music/margesamba_main.rsd 17,126,372 bytes E4 53 05 01
sound/music/marge_mission01b_end_neg.rsd 757,756 bytes FC 8F 0B 00
sound/music/marge_mission01b_end_pos.rsd 355,324 bytes FC 6B 05 00
sound/music/marge_mission01b_end_sus1.rsd 386,044 bytes FC E3 05 00
sound/music/marge_mission01b_end_sus2.rsd 358,908 bytes FC 79 05 00
sound/music/marge_mission01b_main.rsd 17,343,984 bytes F0 A5 08 01
sound/music/motown_end_neg.rsd 462,848 bytes 00 10 07 00
sound/music/motown_end_pos.rsd 382,976 bytes 00 D8 05 00
sound/music/motown_end_sus.rsd 446,460 bytes FC CF 06 00
sound/music/motown_intro.rsd 13,643,396 bytes 84 2E D0 00
sound/music/motown_intro_end_neg.rsd 511,812 bytes 44 CF 07 00
sound/music/motown_intro_end_pos.rsd 463,744 bytes 80 13 07 00
sound/music/motown_intro_end_sus.rsd 485,376 bytes 00 68 07 00
sound/music/motown_main.rsd 13,457,408 bytes 00 58 CD 00
sound/music/muzak.rsd 6,583,724 bytes AC 75 64 00
sound/music/newspaper_spin01.rsd 366,376 bytes 28 97 05 00
sound/music/newspaper_spin02.rsd 373,468 bytes DC B2 05 00
sound/music/nick_end_neg.rsd 529,404 bytes FC 13 08 00
sound/music/nick_end_pos.rsd 296,440 bytes F8 85 04 00
sound/music/nick_end_sus.rsd 368,636 bytes FC 9F 05 00
sound/music/nick_intro.rsd 1,154,176 bytes 80 9C 11 00
sound/music/nick_main.rsd 15,938,688 bytes 80 34 F3 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_drama.rsd 11,115,460 bytes C4 9B A9 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_drama_pickup_b3.rsd 69,860 bytes E4 10 01 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_end_neg_b4.rsd 400,504 bytes 78 1C 06 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_end_pos_b3.rsd 414,048 bytes 60 51 06 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_end_sus.rsd 237,808 bytes F0 A0 03 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_main.rsd 8,540,400 bytes F0 50 82 00
sound/music/orch_chase01_pickup.rsd 33,896 bytes 68 84 00 00
sound/music/otto_chase.rsd 17,462,780 bytes FC 75 0A 01
sound/music/otto_chase_end_neg1.rsd 437,296 bytes 30 AC 06 00
sound/music/otto_chase_end_pos1.rsd 400,696 bytes 38 1D 06 00
sound/music/otto_chase_end_sus1.rsd 564,352 bytes 80 9C 08 00
sound/music/powerplant_10sec.rsd 963,072 bytes 00 B2 0E 00
sound/music/powerplant_end_neg.rsd 610,300 bytes FC 4F 09 00
sound/music/powerplant_end_pos.rsd 434,172 bytes FC 9F 06 00
sound/music/powerplant_main.rsd 14,747,648 bytes 00 08 E1 00
sound/music/scarymusic01.rsd 7,681,536 bytes 00 36 75 00
sound/music/simpsons_theme.rsd 7,788,348 bytes 3C D7 76 00
sound/music/social_club.rsd 4,132,604 bytes FC 0E 3F 00
sound/music/stone_cutter_spoof.rsd 1,614,832 bytes F0 A3 18 00
sound/music/streetracer_anthem.rsd 12,063,712 bytes E0 13 B8 00
sound/music/streetracer_end_neg1.rsd 411,776 bytes 80 48 06 00
sound/music/streetracer_end_neg2.rsd 430,292 bytes D4 90 06 00
sound/music/streetracer_end_pos2.rsd 519,260 bytes 5C EC 07 00
sound/music/streetracer_end_sus1.rsd 227,560 bytes E8 78 03 00
sound/music/sunday_drive.rsd 16,377,584 bytes F0 E6 F9 00
sound/music/sunday_drive_end_sus1.rsd 338,204 bytes 1C 29 05 00
sound/music/sunday_drive_end_sus2.rsd 317,436 bytes FC D7 04 00
sound/music/sunday_drive_end_sus3.rsd 265,964 bytes EC 0E 04 00
sound/music/sunday_drive_intro.rsd 379,804 bytes 9C CB 05 00
sound/music/ufo_end_neg_b4.rsd 669,992 bytes 28 39 0A 00
sound/music/ufo_end_pos_b4.rsd 406,660 bytes 84 34 06 00
sound/music/ufo_end_sus_b4.rsd 552,956 bytes FC 6F 08 00
sound/music/ufo_main.rsd 16,848,500 bytes 74 16 01 01
sound/music/vivaldi.rsd 11,348,116 bytes 94 28 AD 00
sound/music/apu/apu_reward01.rsd 271,440 bytes 50 24 04 00
sound/music/apu/apu_reward03.rsd 368,096 bytes E0 9D 05 00
sound/music/apu/kwik_e_mart_muzak.rsd 4,684,184 bytes 98 79 47 00
sound/music/apu/kwik_e_mart_muzak02.rsd 4,610,048 bytes 00 58 46 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa01.rsd 705,664 bytes 80 C4 0A 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa02.rsd 685,352 bytes 28 75 0A 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa03.rsd 736,880 bytes 70 3E 0B 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa04.rsd 646,832 bytes B0 DE 09 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa05.rsd 516,112 bytes 10 E0 07 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa06.rsd 974,884 bytes 24 E0 0E 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa07.rsd 536,060 bytes FC 2D 08 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa08.rsd 667,856 bytes D0 30 0A 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa09.rsd 871,484 bytes 3C 4C 0D 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa10.rsd 809,636 bytes A4 5A 0C 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa11.rsd 864,604 bytes 5C 31 0D 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa12.rsd 849,912 bytes F8 F7 0C 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa13.rsd 708,900 bytes 24 D1 0A 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa14.rsd 1,323,920 bytes 90 33 14 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa15.rsd 951,776 bytes E0 85 0E 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa16.rsd 778,472 bytes E8 E0 0B 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa17.rsd 1,049,852 bytes FC 04 10 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa18.rsd 905,292 bytes 4C D0 0D 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa19.rsd 863,196 bytes DC 2B 0D 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa20.rsd 813,440 bytes 80 69 0C 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa21.rsd 1,107,612 bytes 9C E6 10 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa22.rsd 587,904 bytes 80 F8 08 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa23.rsd 917,688 bytes B8 00 0E 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa24.rsd 1,245,060 bytes 84 FF 12 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa25.rsd 917,612 bytes 6C 00 0E 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa26.rsd 374,568 bytes 28 B7 05 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa27.rsd 502,384 bytes 70 AA 07 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa28.rsd 330,404 bytes A4 0A 05 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_hoa29.rsd 437,284 bytes 24 AC 06 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch001.rsd 1,694,304 bytes 60 DA 19 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch002.rsd 1,694,392 bytes B8 DA 19 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch004.rsd 3,613,940 bytes F4 24 37 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch005.rsd 1,667,616 bytes 20 72 19 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch006.rsd 1,815,224 bytes B8 B2 1B 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch007.rsd 2,237,032 bytes 68 22 22 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch008.rsd 1,636,228 bytes 84 F7 18 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch009.rsd 1,800,940 bytes EC 7A 1B 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch010.rsd 1,037,916 bytes 5C D6 0F 00
sound/music/apu/sitar_orch011.rsd 1,648,148 bytes 14 26 19 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_001.rsd 691,296 bytes 60 8C 0A 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_002.rsd 440,756 bytes B4 B9 06 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_003.rsd 636,340 bytes B4 B5 09 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_004.rsd 581,072 bytes D0 DD 08 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_005.rsd 736,244 bytes F4 3B 0B 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_006.rsd 660,368 bytes 90 13 0A 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_007.rsd 879,400 bytes 28 6B 0D 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_008.rsd 1,399,744 bytes C0 5B 15 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_009.rsd 653,972 bytes 94 FA 09 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_010.rsd 388,132 bytes 24 EC 05 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_011.rsd 456,060 bytes 7C F5 06 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_012.rsd 405,716 bytes D4 30 06 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_013.rsd 878,988 bytes 8C 69 0D 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_014.rsd 476,408 bytes F8 44 07 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_015.rsd 246,184 bytes A8 C1 03 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_016.rsd 274,588 bytes 9C 30 04 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_017.rsd 785,604 bytes C4 FC 0B 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_018.rsd 855,396 bytes 64 0D 0D 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_019.rsd 1,297,788 bytes 7C CD 13 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_020.rsd 1,383,412 bytes F4 1B 15 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_021.rsd 1,140,660 bytes B4 67 11 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_022.rsd 826,780 bytes 9C 9D 0C 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_023.rsd 489,816 bytes 58 79 07 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_024.rsd 1,520,824 bytes B8 34 17 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_025.rsd 808,152 bytes D8 54 0C 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_026.rsd 667,400 bytes 08 2F 0A 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_027.rsd 1,526,768 bytes F0 4B 17 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_028.rsd 913,380 bytes E4 EF 0D 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_029.rsd 770,540 bytes EC C1 0B 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_030.rsd 1,226,672 bytes B0 B7 12 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_031.rsd 622,012 bytes BC 7D 09 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_032.rsd 1,022,296 bytes 58 99 0F 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_033.rsd 860,704 bytes 20 22 0D 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_034.rsd 390,580 bytes B4 F5 05 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_035.rsd 747,504 bytes F0 67 0B 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_036.rsd 693,516 bytes 0C 95 0A 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_037.rsd 790,676 bytes 94 10 0C 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_038.rsd 731,104 bytes E0 27 0B 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_039.rsd 575,148 bytes AC C6 08 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_040.rsd 876,056 bytes 18 5E 0D 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_041.rsd 319,644 bytes 9C E0 04 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_042.rsd 290,204 bytes 9C 6D 04 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_043.rsd 398,100 bytes 14 13 06 00
sound/music/bart/bart_guit_044.rsd 297,456 bytes F0 89 04 00
sound/music/bart/gtr_lick01.rsd 89,020 bytes BC 5B 01 00
sound/music/bart/gtr_lick02.rsd 126,704 bytes F0 EE 01 00
sound/music/bart/gtr_lick03.rsd 93,528 bytes 58 6D 01 00
sound/music/generic/horn_blast.rsd 125,652 bytes D4 EA 01 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore09.rsd 716,184 bytes 98 ED 0A 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore10.rsd 647,692 bytes 0C E2 09 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore11.rsd 938,172 bytes BC 50 0E 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore12.rsd 924,168 bytes 08 1A 0E 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore13.rsd 641,080 bytes 38 C8 09 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore14.rsd 590,748 bytes 9C 03 09 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore15.rsd 879,836 bytes DC 6C 0D 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore16.rsd 670,112 bytes A0 39 0A 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore17.rsd 615,484 bytes 3C 64 09 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore18.rsd 554,924 bytes AC 77 08 00
sound/music/generic/of_explore19.rsd 1,012,476 bytes FC 72 0F 00
sound/music/generic/of_time_out01.rsd 745,496 bytes 18 60 0B 00
sound/music/generic/of_time_out02.rsd 482,604 bytes 2C 5D 07 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween01.rsd 1,345,164 bytes 8C 86 14 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween02.rsd 959,792 bytes 30 A5 0E 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween03.rsd 1,073,084 bytes BC 5F 10 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween04.rsd 1,284,644 bytes 24 9A 13 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween05.rsd 1,533,784 bytes 58 67 17 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween06.rsd 1,613,944 bytes 78 A0 18 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween07.rsd 3,010,116 bytes 44 EE 2D 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween08.rsd 844,428 bytes 8C E2 0C 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween09.rsd 1,380,696 bytes 58 11 15 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween10.rsd 1,859,980 bytes 8C 61 1C 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween11.rsd 1,427,448 bytes F8 C7 15 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween12.rsd 1,793,656 bytes 78 5E 1B 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween13.rsd 1,529,136 bytes 30 55 17 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween14.rsd 1,761,024 bytes 00 DF 1A 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween15.rsd 2,025,592 bytes 78 E8 1E 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween16.rsd 1,694,408 bytes C8 DA 19 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween17.rsd 1,421,088 bytes 20 AF 15 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween18.rsd 1,121,232 bytes D0 1B 11 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween19.rsd 2,634,708 bytes D4 33 28 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween20.rsd 530,656 bytes E0 18 08 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween21.rsd 1,849,848 bytes F8 39 1C 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween22.rsd 1,752,688 bytes 70 BE 1A 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween23.rsd 787,760 bytes 30 05 0C 00
sound/music/halloween/halloween24.rsd 461,988 bytes A4 0C 07 00
sound/music/halloween/of_drama01.rsd 2,388,372 bytes 94 71 24 00
sound/music/halloween/of_explore06.rsd 830,268 bytes 3C AB 0C 00
sound/music/halloween/of_ufo.rsd 1,190,084 bytes C4 28 12 00
sound/music/halloween/organ_music.rsd 8,697,860 bytes 04 B8 84 00
sound/music/homer/homer_reward01.rsd 359,996 bytes 3C 7E 05 00
sound/music/homer/homer_reward02.rsd 263,140 bytes E4 03 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_001.rsd 750,012 bytes BC 71 0B 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_002.rsd 1,147,392 bytes 00 82 11 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_003.rsd 1,847,296 bytes 00 30 1C 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_005.rsd 317,952 bytes 00 DA 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_006.rsd 440,436 bytes 74 B8 06 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_007.rsd 1,015,808 bytes 00 80 0F 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_008.rsd 630,028 bytes 0C 9D 09 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_009.rsd 875,616 bytes 60 5C 0D 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_010.rsd 387,072 bytes 00 E8 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_011.rsd 1,218,272 bytes E0 96 12 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_012.rsd 290,268 bytes DC 6D 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_013.rsd 876,112 bytes 50 5E 0D 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_014.rsd 521,316 bytes 64 F4 07 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_015.rsd 1,304,980 bytes 94 E9 13 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_016.rsd 588,328 bytes 28 FA 08 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_017.rsd 267,696 bytes B0 15 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_018.rsd 454,696 bytes 28 F0 06 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_019.rsd 421,992 bytes 68 70 06 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_020.rsd 510,320 bytes 70 C9 07 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_021.rsd 572,264 bytes 68 BB 08 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_022.rsd 580,088 bytes F8 D9 08 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_023.rsd 402,940 bytes FC 25 06 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_025.rsd 914,160 bytes F0 F2 0D 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_026.rsd 435,140 bytes C4 A3 06 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_027.rsd 974,848 bytes 00 E0 0E 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_028.rsd 763,568 bytes B0 A6 0B 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_029.rsd 507,584 bytes C0 BE 07 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_030.rsd 343,556 bytes 04 3E 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_031.rsd 255,488 bytes 00 E6 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_032.rsd 275,176 bytes E8 32 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_033.rsd 303,480 bytes 78 A1 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_034.rsd 590,588 bytes FC 02 09 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_035.rsd 601,316 bytes E4 2C 09 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_036.rsd 350,748 bytes 1C 5A 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_037.rsd 1,060,528 bytes B0 2E 10 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_038.rsd 875,244 bytes EC 5A 0D 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_039.rsd 796,064 bytes A0 25 0C 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_040.rsd 206,832 bytes F0 27 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_041.rsd 221,000 bytes 48 5F 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_042.rsd 230,060 bytes AC 82 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_043.rsd 231,128 bytes D8 86 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_044.rsd 627,044 bytes 64 91 09 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_049.rsd 303,244 bytes 8C A0 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_050.rsd 364,024 bytes F8 8D 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_051.rsd 549,888 bytes 00 64 08 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_052.rsd 423,940 bytes 04 78 06 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_053.rsd 313,600 bytes 00 C9 04 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_054.rsd 685,144 bytes 58 74 0A 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_055.rsd 334,848 bytes 00 1C 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_056.rsd 243,452 bytes FC B6 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_057.rsd 374,072 bytes 38 B5 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_058.rsd 244,204 bytes EC B9 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_059.rsd 231,936 bytes 00 8A 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_060.rsd 351,260 bytes 1C 5C 05 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_061.rsd 531,088 bytes 90 1A 08 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_062.rsd 202,240 bytes 00 16 03 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_063.rsd 150,272 bytes 00 4B 02 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_064.rsd 460,824 bytes 18 08 07 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_065.rsd 149,504 bytes 00 48 02 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_068.rsd 625,664 bytes 00 8C 09 00
sound/music/homer/tuba_069.rsd 507,904 bytes 00 C0 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax001.rsd 490,240 bytes 00 7B 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax002.rsd 481,960 bytes A8 5A 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax003.rsd 407,428 bytes 84 37 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax004.rsd 460,692 bytes 94 07 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax005.rsd 396,380 bytes 5C 0C 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax006.rsd 496,588 bytes CC 93 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax007.rsd 460,604 bytes 3C 07 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax008.rsd 438,356 bytes 54 B0 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax009.rsd 437,316 bytes 44 AC 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax010.rsd 384,336 bytes 50 DD 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax011.rsd 340,460 bytes EC 31 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax012.rsd 332,200 bytes A8 11 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax013.rsd 336,108 bytes EC 20 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax014.rsd 634,508 bytes 8C AE 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax015.rsd 477,444 bytes 04 49 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax016.rsd 507,480 bytes 58 BE 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax017.rsd 368,620 bytes EC 9F 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax018.rsd 690,176 bytes 00 88 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax019.rsd 521,432 bytes D8 F4 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax020.rsd 727,872 bytes 40 1B 0B 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax021.rsd 609,592 bytes 38 4D 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax022.rsd 490,004 bytes 14 7A 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax023.rsd 596,416 bytes C0 19 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax024.rsd 384,900 bytes 84 DF 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax025.rsd 435,028 bytes 54 A3 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax026.rsd 561,336 bytes B8 90 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax027.rsd 458,116 bytes 84 FD 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax028.rsd 483,628 bytes 2C 61 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax032.rsd 510,360 bytes 98 C9 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax033.rsd 655,532 bytes AC 00 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax034.rsd 598,240 bytes E0 20 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax035.rsd 734,716 bytes FC 35 0B 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax036.rsd 892,892 bytes DC 9F 0D 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax037.rsd 839,376 bytes D0 CE 0C 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax038.rsd 663,016 bytes E8 1D 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax039.rsd 748,544 bytes 00 6C 0B 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax040.rsd 821,984 bytes E0 8A 0C 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax041.rsd 484,008 bytes A8 62 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax042.rsd 511,884 bytes 8C CF 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax043.rsd 337,996 bytes 4C 28 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax044.rsd 321,540 bytes 04 E8 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax045.rsd 358,996 bytes 54 7A 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax046.rsd 316,016 bytes 70 D2 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax047.rsd 416,964 bytes C4 5C 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax048.rsd 322,296 bytes F8 EA 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax049.rsd 375,608 bytes 38 BB 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax050.rsd 441,060 bytes E4 BA 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax051.rsd 714,552 bytes 38 E7 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax052.rsd 921,584 bytes F0 0F 0E 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax053.rsd 821,616 bytes 70 89 0C 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax054.rsd 846,700 bytes 6C EB 0C 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax055.rsd 649,884 bytes 9C EA 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax056.rsd 730,560 bytes C0 25 0B 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax057.rsd 567,816 bytes 08 AA 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax058.rsd 504,540 bytes DC B2 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax059.rsd 393,728 bytes 00 02 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax060.rsd 344,304 bytes F0 40 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax061.rsd 407,980 bytes AC 39 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax062.rsd 339,288 bytes 58 2D 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax063.rsd 338,748 bytes 3C 2B 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax064.rsd 397,552 bytes F0 10 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax065.rsd 849,204 bytes 34 F5 0C 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax066.rsd 479,184 bytes D0 4F 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax067.rsd 917,120 bytes 80 FE 0D 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax068.rsd 945,896 bytes E8 6E 0E 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax069.rsd 415,760 bytes 10 58 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax070.rsd 425,972 bytes F4 7F 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax071.rsd 490,108 bytes 7C 7A 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax072.rsd 550,444 bytes 2C 66 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax073.rsd 628,804 bytes 44 98 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax074.rsd 610,852 bytes 24 52 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax075.rsd 336,120 bytes F8 20 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax076.rsd 329,008 bytes 30 05 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax077.rsd 381,168 bytes F0 D0 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax078.rsd 417,156 bytes 84 5D 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax079.rsd 311,228 bytes BC BF 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax080.rsd 451,748 bytes A4 E4 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax081.rsd 441,924 bytes 44 BE 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax082.rsd 376,508 bytes BC BE 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax083.rsd 328,156 bytes DC 01 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax084.rsd 266,548 bytes 34 11 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax085.rsd 277,404 bytes 9C 3B 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax086.rsd 500,408 bytes B8 A2 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax087.rsd 532,536 bytes 38 20 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax088.rsd 653,068 bytes 0C F7 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax089.rsd 470,508 bytes EC 2D 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax090.rsd 325,132 bytes 0C F6 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax091.rsd 310,408 bytes 88 BC 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax092.rsd 592,440 bytes 38 0A 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax093.rsd 538,412 bytes 2C 37 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax094.rsd 319,036 bytes 3C DE 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax095.rsd 412,656 bytes F0 4B 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax096.rsd 251,724 bytes 4C D7 03 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax097.rsd 404,588 bytes 6C 2C 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax098.rsd 353,172 bytes 94 63 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax099.rsd 492,720 bytes B0 84 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax100.rsd 471,464 bytes A8 31 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax101.rsd 493,728 bytes A0 88 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax102.rsd 349,208 bytes 18 54 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax103.rsd 312,696 bytes 78 C5 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax104.rsd 373,224 bytes E8 B1 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax105.rsd 407,660 bytes 6C 38 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax106.rsd 308,396 bytes AC B4 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax107.rsd 260,904 bytes 28 FB 03 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax108.rsd 188,288 bytes 80 DF 02 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax109.rsd 567,612 bytes 3C A9 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax110.rsd 419,004 bytes BC 64 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax111.rsd 492,884 bytes 54 85 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax112.rsd 249,308 bytes DC CD 03 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax113.rsd 177,004 bytes 6C B3 02 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax114.rsd 736,140 bytes 8C 3B 0B 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax115.rsd 650,988 bytes EC EE 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax116.rsd 561,324 bytes AC 90 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax117.rsd 361,712 bytes F0 84 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax118.rsd 381,248 bytes 40 D1 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax119.rsd 315,048 bytes A8 CE 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax120.rsd 392,944 bytes F0 FE 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax121.rsd 410,404 bytes 24 43 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax122.rsd 426,380 bytes 8C 81 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax123.rsd 395,828 bytes 34 0A 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax124.rsd 397,300 bytes F4 0F 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax125.rsd 358,100 bytes D4 76 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax126.rsd 691,536 bytes 50 8D 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax127.rsd 313,452 bytes 6C C8 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax128.rsd 444,072 bytes A8 C6 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax129.rsd 494,344 bytes 08 8B 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax130.rsd 567,816 bytes 08 AA 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax131.rsd 963,352 bytes 18 B3 0E 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax132.rsd 470,036 bytes 14 2C 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax133.rsd 705,508 bytes E4 C3 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax134.rsd 427,480 bytes D8 85 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax135.rsd 685,728 bytes A0 76 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax136.rsd 468,088 bytes 78 24 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax137.rsd 464,916 bytes 14 18 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax138.rsd 971,440 bytes B0 D2 0E 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax139.rsd 784,892 bytes FC F9 0B 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax140.rsd 708,788 bytes B4 D0 0A 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax141.rsd 1,065,480 bytes 08 42 10 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax142.rsd 402,824 bytes 88 25 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax143.rsd 446,252 bytes 2C CF 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax144.rsd 315,896 bytes F8 D1 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax145.rsd 623,000 bytes 98 81 09 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax146.rsd 422,740 bytes 54 73 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax147.rsd 364,620 bytes 4C 90 05 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax148.rsd 534,440 bytes A8 27 08 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax149.rsd 291,360 bytes 20 72 04 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax150.rsd 395,992 bytes D8 0A 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax151.rsd 459,380 bytes 74 02 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax152.rsd 477,160 bytes E8 47 07 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax153.rsd 405,332 bytes 54 2F 06 00
sound/music/lisa/bari_sax154.rsd 802,960 bytes 90 40 0C 00
sound/music/lisa/lisa_reward01.rsd 533,928 bytes A8 25 08 00
sound/music/lisa/lisa_reward02.rsd 458,416 bytes B0 FE 06 00
sound/music/marge/harpgliss01.rsd 297,712 bytes F0 8A 04 00
sound/music/marge/harpgliss02.rsd 362,140 bytes 9C 86 05 00
sound/music/marge/harpgliss03.rsd 428,984 bytes B8 8B 06 00
sound/music/marge/lounge001.rsd 533,504 bytes 00 24 08 00
sound/music/marge/lounge002.rsd 650,000 bytes 10 EB 09 00
sound/music/marge/lounge003.rsd 1,043,268 bytes 44 EB 0F 00
sound/music/marge/lounge004.rsd 636,348 bytes BC B5 09 00
sound/music/marge/lounge005.rsd 709,336 bytes D8 D2 0A 00
sound/music/marge/lounge006.rsd 686,564 bytes E4 79 0A 00
sound/music/marge/lounge007.rsd 1,113,656 bytes 38 FE 10 00
sound/music/marge/lounge008.rsd 1,302,636 bytes 6C E0 13 00
sound/music/marge/lounge009.rsd 1,326,448 bytes 70 3D 14 00
sound/music/marge/lounge010.rsd 749,548 bytes EC 6F 0B 00
sound/music/marge/lounge011.rsd 883,384 bytes B8 7A 0D 00
sound/music/marge/lounge012.rsd 854,872 bytes 58 0B 0D 00
sound/music/marge/lounge013.rsd 1,165,388 bytes 4C C8 11 00
sound/music/marge/lounge014.rsd 870,684 bytes 1C 49 0D 00
sound/music/marge/lounge015.rsd 1,375,384 bytes 98 FC 14 00
sound/music/marge/lounge016.rsd 555,024 bytes 10 78 08 00
sound/music/marge/lounge017.rsd 336,896 bytes 00 24 05 00
sound/music/marge/lounge018.rsd 1,122,272 bytes E0 1F 11 00
sound/music/marge/lounge019.rsd 1,048,996 bytes A4 01 10 00
sound/music/marge/lounge020.rsd 816,684 bytes 2C 76 0C 00
sound/music/marge/lounge021.rsd 883,372 bytes AC 7A 0D 00
sound/music/marge/lounge022.rsd 1,515,692 bytes AC 20 17 00
sound/music/marge/lounge023.rsd 735,724 bytes EC 39 0B 00
sound/music/marge/lounge024.rsd 1,105,652 bytes F4 DE 10 00
sound/music/marge/lounge025.rsd 1,278,364 bytes 9C 81 13 00
sound/music/marge/lounge_trans01.rsd 319,248 bytes 10 DF 04 00
sound/music/marge/lounge_trans02.rsd 359,808 bytes 80 7D 05 00
sound/music/marge/lounge_trans03.rsd 380,088 bytes B8 CC 05 00
sound/music/marge/lounge_trans04.rsd 225,712 bytes B0 71 03 00
sound/music/marge/lounge_trans05.rsd 251,488 bytes 60 D6 03 00
sound/music/marge/lounge_trans06.rsd 389,636 bytes 04 F2 05 00
sound/music/marge/of_explore01.rsd 1,522,668 bytes EC 3B 17 00
sound/music/marge/of_explore03.rsd 518,100 bytes D4 E7 07 00
sound/music/marge/of_explore04.rsd 424,156 bytes DC 78 06 00
sound/music/marge/of_explore05.rsd 642,884 bytes 44 CF 09 00
sound/music/marge/of_explore07.rsd 608,052 bytes 34 47 09 00
sound/music/marge/of_explore08.rsd 421,272 bytes 98 6D 06 00
sound/music/marge/of_search_for_clue01.rsd 758,996 bytes D4 94 0B 00
sound/music/marge/of_search_for_clue02.rsd 457,820 bytes 5C FC 06 00
sound/music/marge/tuba_024.rsd 396,936 bytes 88 0E 06 00
sound/music/minigame/casio_tune01.rsd 8,005,548 bytes AC 27 7A 00
sound/music/minigame/casio_tune02.rsd 9,480,316 bytes 7C A8 90 00
sound/music/minigame/casio_tune07.rsd 8,270,184 bytes 68 31 7E 00
sound/music/minigame/casio_tune08.rsd 9,219,540 bytes D4 AD 8C 00
sound/music/minigame/casio_tune09.rsd 7,787,724 bytes CC D4 76 00
sound/music/minigame/lose_mini_game02.rsd 550,408 bytes 08 66 08 00
sound/music/minigame/win_mini_game.rsd 375,948 bytes 8C BC 05 00
sound/ambience/apu_oasis_loop_04c.rsd 2,623,436 bytes CC 07 28 00
sound/ambience/apu_oasis_night_loop_02.rsd 2,124,168 bytes 88 69 20 00
sound/ambience/barn_ambience_loop_04.rsd 1,021,940 bytes F4 97 0F 00
sound/ambience/barn_ambience_loop_05.rsd 2,306,088 bytes 28 30 23 00
sound/ambience/barn_ambience_loop_06.rsd 1,216,672 bytes A0 90 12 00
sound/ambience/burns_mansion_interior_loop.rsd 1,323,248 bytes F0 30 14 00
sound/ambience/burns_tunnel_loop.rsd 1,010,360 bytes B8 6A 0F 00
sound/ambience/cemetary_day_loop_01.rsd 1,499,904 bytes 00 E3 16 00
sound/ambience/cemetary_night_loop_02.rsd 1,785,352 bytes 08 3E 1B 00
sound/ambience/city_busy_loop_05.rsd 2,811,964 bytes 3C E8 2A 00
sound/ambience/city_night_loop_02.rsd 1,816,608 bytes 20 B8 1B 00
sound/ambience/construction_loop_01.rsd 4,942,024 bytes C8 68 4B 00
sound/ambience/country_day_loop.rsd 2,427,340 bytes CC 09 25 00
sound/ambience/country_hiway_night_loop.rsd 7,545,656 bytes 38 23 73 00
sound/ambience/country_night_loop.rsd 579,580 bytes FC D7 08 00
sound/ambience/dmv.rsd 1,538,048 bytes 00 78 17 00
sound/ambience/duff_exterior.rsd 2,111,560 bytes 48 38 20 00
sound/ambience/expressway_loop_01.rsd 1,642,744 bytes F8 10 19 00
sound/ambience/forest_day_loop_03b.rsd 3,065,856 bytes 00 C8 2E 00
sound/ambience/forest_highway_loop_01b.rsd 2,454,156 bytes 8C 72 25 00
sound/ambience/forest_night_loop_01.rsd 1,648,708 bytes 44 28 19 00
sound/ambience/halloween_amb_loop_10.rsd 4,762,476 bytes 6C AB 48 00
sound/ambience/halloween_barn.rsd 1,450,780 bytes 1C 23 16 00
sound/ambience/halloween_cafeteria.rsd 1,538,052 bytes 04 78 17 00
sound/ambience/halloween_cemetary_loop_01.rsd 2,814,868 bytes 94 F3 2A 00
sound/ambience/harbour_day_loop_01c.rsd 3,538,836 bytes 94 FF 35 00
sound/ambience/lighthouse_loop_02b.rsd 1,482,196 bytes D4 9D 16 00
sound/ambience/powerplant_tunnel_loop_01.rsd 1,115,808 bytes A0 06 11 00
sound/ambience/powerplant_tunnel_loop_02.rsd 1,337,680 bytes 50 69 14 00
sound/ambience/power_plant.rsd 1,227,276 bytes 0C BA 12 00
sound/ambience/power_plant_loop_09.rsd 1,317,224 bytes 68 19 14 00
sound/ambience/power_plant_loop_13.rsd 1,252,956 bytes 5C 1E 13 00
sound/ambience/power_plant_loop_17.rsd 962,656 bytes 60 B0 0E 00
sound/ambience/powplant_loop_exterior_01.rsd 2,431,780 bytes 24 1B 25 00
sound/ambience/railyard_ambience_loop_04.rsd 1,054,792 bytes 48 18 10 00
sound/ambience/room_small_01.rsd 1,361,584 bytes B0 C6 14 00
sound/ambience/sewer_tunnel_loop_07.rsd 1,154,500 bytes C4 9D 11 00
sound/ambience/squidport_amb_loop_02.rsd 1,881,440 bytes 60 B5 1C 00
sound/ambience/squidport_amb_loop_03.rsd 2,431,776 bytes 20 1B 25 00
sound/ambience/squidport_beach_night_loop.rsd 1,615,856 bytes F0 A7 18 00
sound/ambience/squidport_night_loop.rsd 1,872,204 bytes 4C 91 1C 00
sound/ambience/stadium_tunnel_loop.rsd 973,848 bytes 18 DC 0E 00
sound/ambience/stonecutters_hall_loop.rsd 1,087,816 bytes 48 99 10 00
sound/ambience/suburb_day_loop.rsd 2,485,244 bytes FC EB 25 00
sound/ambience/suburb_night_loop_01.rsd 1,929,712 bytes F0 71 1D 00
sound/ambience/tunnel_loop_01.rsd 9,917,172 bytes F4 52 97 00
sound/ambience/ufo_ambience.rsd 1,918,976 bytes 00 48 1D 00


Invalid Dialogue Stage Placement

Defining a dialogue stage after a stage marked as the final stage will cause the dialogue stage to behave in an abnormal manner:

  • The normal letterboxing shown in a dialogue stage will not be displayed.
  • It is not possible to skip or cancel the dialogue.
  • It is possible to pause during the dialogue where it normally is not.
  • The player will be locked in place after the dialogue is over until they pause and unpause the game (this can be done during the dialogue as mentioned above).

At this point, it is impossible to pass the stage without using hacks to bypass it. Any subsequent stages will be impossible to reach.

// If this is done in a regular mission, this stage will not cause the Mission Complete text to appear like it normally would.

// This stage will play the specified dialogue with the aforementioned oddities.

// This stage will never get reached.
// However, if it is reached with hacks it will complete as normal.

A video showcasing this softlock can be found here.


Types of Missions

Sunday Drive

Story Mission

Street Race

Bonus Mission

Transcribed Dialogue

Transcribed Dialogue

Agnes Skinner

This page lists all of Agnes Skinner's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
agnes\d_answer_agn_01.rsd Agnes Skinner Seymour, what're you doing?!
agnes\d_answer_agn_02.rsd Agnes Skinner Without my permission?! You're grounded!
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_hips.rsd Agnes Skinner Aw great, now I need new hips again...
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_hurt.rsd Agnes Skinner You think that hurt? You couldn't hurt me with a cruise missile!
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_sack.rsd Agnes Skinner Why you ill-mannered sack of crap!
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_snot.rsd Agnes Skinner Snot-nosed kids!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_01.rsd Agnes Skinner You wouldn't know what to do with me!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_got.rsd Agnes Skinner Is that all you got?
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_idiot.rsd Agnes Skinner Thanks a lot, you idiot!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_nice.rsd Agnes Skinner Alright, no more Mr. Nice Guy!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_punk.rsd Agnes Skinner You wanna rumble? Bring it on!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_back.rsd Agnes Skinner Get back here, you thin lipped sissy!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_jerk.rsd Agnes Skinner Watch where you're going, jerk!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_lady.rsd Agnes Skinner I'm a defenseless old lady, you ratsucker!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_reject.rsd Agnes Skinner Yeah, put me out of my misery!
Transcribed Dialogue

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

This page lists all of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

A file name with parentheses, e.g. conversations\c_clown(2)_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd, indicates the line exists as both conversations\c_clown_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd and conversations\c_clown2_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd.

File Dialogue
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_excell.rsd Never have I seen such excellence.
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_impress.rsd I am most assuredly impressed.
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_thrill.rsd That was most thrilling!
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_trem.rsd Tremendous!
apu\d_air_apu_fun.rsd I am having so much fun.
apu\d_air_apu_house.rsd I can see my house from here!
apu\d_air_apu_maha.rsd I am higher than the Maharishi!
apu\d_air_apu_vishnu.rsd Vishnu! Here I come!
apu\d_arrive_apu_easy.rsd I make this look easy.
apu\d_arrive_apu_here.rsd Here we are at the destination.
apu\d_arrive_apu_karma.rsd Good karma.
apu\d_bcrash_apu_future.rsd Perhaps I should refrain from doing that in the future.
apu\d_bcrash_apu_ohno.rsd Oh no!
apu\d_bcrash_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\d_break_apu_clean.rsd Hah! Cleanup in aisle one!
apu\d_break_apu_random.rsd This is just between me and you, random object.
apu\d_break_apu_shiva.rsd Oh, Shiva smiles on such behavior.
apu\d_burn_apu_metal.rsd This is not good for my insurance.
apu\d_carway_apu_vehicle.rsd Move your clumsy vehicle!
apu\d_carway_apu_way.rsd Get out of the way!
apu\d_damage_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\d_damage_apu_disgrace.rsd Oh, never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\d_damage_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\d_damage_apu_think2.rsd What in the hell were you thinking, sir?
apu\d_dcar_apu_mad.rsd Oh, Manjula is going to be so mad.
apu\d_dcar_apu_outlet.rsd Oh, that was an expensive mistake.
apu\d_door_apu_drivea.rsd If you want to drive one of these, get your own twenty-two-hour-a-day job!
apu\d_door_apu_today.rsd Get in the car please, I have many places to go today.
apu\d_hitp_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\d_hitp_apu_entertain.rsd Oh, your misfortune is most entertaining.
apu\d_hitp_apu_fear.rsd Oh do not fear, you will be reincarnated.
apu\d_hitp_apu_step.rsd You should not have stepped in front of my car.
apu\d_mcrash_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\d_mcrash_apu_disgrace.rsd Oh, never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\d_mcrash_apu_hell.rsd *scoff* What in the hell were you thinking?
apu\d_missp_apu_fault.rsd Not my fault!
apu\d_missp_apu_silly.rsd Get out of my way, silly pedestrian!
apu\d_missp_apu_watch.rsd Why don't you watch where you are walking?!
apu\d_time_apu_late.rsd Apu does not like to be late.
apu\d_time_apu_rate.rsd We are never going to get there at this rate.
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_01.rsd Stop you crazy driver!
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_rude.rsd That was so rude.
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_wound.rsd Dooh! That has reopened my many gunshot wounds.
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_01.rsd Oh!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_02.rsd Ouch!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_03.rsd Goodness!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_04.rsd Oh my!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_05.rsd Ah!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_06.rsd Yoh!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_07.rsd Hooney!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_08.rsd Oh no!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_09.rsd Please don't!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_02.rsd Goodness!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_03.rsd Oh no!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_04.rsd Please don't!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_flesh.rsd Look out! My flesh is less resilient than it looks.
apu\w_activate_apu_go.rsd Push push push!
apu\w_activate_apu_hope.rsd I hope this works.
apu\w_activate_apu_try.rsd Hm, let's try this thing.
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_impress.rsd I am most assuredly impressed.
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_never.rsd Never have I seen such excellence.
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_thrilling.rsd That was most thrilling!
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_trem.rsd Tremendous!
apu\w_air_apu_fun.rsd I am having so much fun.
apu\w_air_apu_house.rsd I can see my house from here!
apu\w_air_apu_maha.rsd I am higher than the Maharishi!
apu\w_air_apu_vishnu.rsd Vishnu! Here I come!
apu\w_arrive_apu_easy.rsd I make this look easy.
apu\w_arrive_apu_here.rsd Here we are at the destination.
apu\w_arrive_apu_karma.rsd Good karma.
apu\w_askfood_apu_fatty.rsd Alright, juvenile. Serve me a fatty poison of some kind.
apu\w_askfood_apu_food.rsd My huge potbelly is completely empty.
apu\w_askfood_apu_giving.rsd Please to be giving me something to eat, thank you.
apu\w_askfood_apu_kill.rsd What do you have that won't immediately kill me?
apu\w_askfood_apu_outside.rsd How odd to eat non Kwik-E-Mart food.
apu\w_askfood_apu_vegan.rsd Do you have anything at all made of chickpeas?
apu\w_askride_apu_life.rsd If you give me a ride, I will pay you a million dollars in the next life I promise.
apu\w_askride_apu_ride.rsd Could I possibly get a ride?
apu\w_bcrash_apu_driving.rsd What are you trying to prove with this crazy driving?!
apu\w_bcrash_apu_future.rsd Perhaps I should refrain from doing that in the future.
apu\w_bcrash_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_bcrash_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\w_breakca_apu_01.rsd Call me the Hindu God of Death! Oof!
apu\w_breakca_apu_creepy.rsd Oof, these things are just too creepy. Oof!
apu\w_breakca_apu_forgive.rsd Oh, forgive my action, little device!
apu\w_breakca_apu_forgivea.rsd Oh, forgive my action, little device.
apu\w_breakca_apu_lessa.rsd One less of you.
apu\w_break_apu_aisle.rsd Hah! Cleanup in aisle one!
apu\w_break_apu_random.rsd This is just between me and you, random object.
apu\w_break_apu_shiva.rsd Oh, Shiva smiles on such behavior.
apu\w_burn_apu_blood.rsd I am a lean, mean, vindaloo machine!
apu\w_burn_apu_cricket.rsd Jiminy crickets!
apu\w_burn_apu_power.rsd Three hundred horses of convenient power!
apu\w_card_apu_01.rsd I hope these unlock many secrets.
apu\w_card_apu_collect.rsd Collecting useless things makes me feel like a true American!
apu\w_card_apu_many.rsd I wonder how many of these there are.
apu\w_card_apu_manya.rsd I wonder how many of these there are?
apu\w_card_apu_who.rsd Who would put such a thing in such a place?
apu\w_carway_apu_cracker.rsd Move it, cracker!
apu\w_carway_apu_hindu.rsd Hindu coming through!
apu\w_carway_apu_whitey.rsd Hey, move it, whitey!
apu\w_char_apu_04.rsd Oh!
apu\w_char_apu_05.rsd Hah!
apu\w_char_apu_flesh.rsd Look out! My flesh is less resilient than it looks.
apu\w_char_apu_kwik.rsd Stay out of my way please, Kwik-E-Mart business!
apu\w_char_apu_silly.rsd Out of my way, silly customer!
apu\w_damage_apu_four2.rsd Never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\w_damage_apu_hell.rsd *scoff* What in the hell were you thinking?!
apu\w_damage_apu_hell2.rsd What in the hell were you thinking, sir?
apu\w_damage_apu_ohdear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_damage_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_dcar_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_dcar_apu_shame.rsd You should feel only moderate shame.
apu\w_dcar_apu_suck.rsd Forgive the rudeness but, you suck.
apu\w_dcar_apu_think2.rsd What in the hell were you thinking, sir?
apu\w_fall_apu_dream.rsd Oh please, be a dream!
apu\w_fall_apu_poor.rsd Oh! What a poor decision!
apu\w_fall_apu_whoa.rsd Whoa!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_bacon.rsd Perhaps a little chocolate-covered bacon will suit your needs.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_canada.rsd This batter-fried chili dog is illegal in seven states!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_combo.rsd Perhaps the crazy name of my new Crazy Value Combo will appeal to you.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_curry.rsd Perhaps this curry pixie stick will suit your fancy.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_energy.rsd This new health bar is pure chocolate.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_fats.rsd Might I suggest the new Cheddar Squishee. It's the latest thing in chilled fats!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_indian.rsd This new Squishee Vindaloo will bring out the Indian in anyone.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_karmic.rsd The additives in this microwave burrito will extend, or shorten, your life.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_meat.rsd I think you will find this cylindrical meat casing most enjoyable.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_mystery.rsd Maybe you would care to eat what's in the mystery box.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_needs.rsd Perhaps some surprisingly expensive penny candy will suit your needs.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_pork.rsd Try our new Pork Squishee! It's Ham-tastic!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_sanjay.rsd I'm so glad you came. If I don't increase profits, I'll have to sell Sanjay to the Krusty Burger!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_shrimp.rsd Perhaps a little, quote-unquote, "shrimp" will tide you over.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_sticks.rsd I would be happy to suggest these new pretzel rods. They're made by an oil company.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_sticksa.rsd I would be happy to suggest these new pretzel rods. They're made by an oil company!
apu\w_goc_apu_air.rsd Oof, the fresh air is somewhat confusing.
apu\w_goc_apu_finish.rsd Oof, I must finish quickly or vomit.
apu\w_goc_apu_lithe.rsd I hope I am still the lithe runner I was in my youth!
apu\w_greeting_apu_fine.rsd How are you this fine day?
apu\w_greeting_apu_loyal.rsd Greetings, loyal customer!
apu\w_hitbyc_apu_rude.rsd That was so rude!
apu\w_hitbyc_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\w_hitbyc_apu_wound.rsd Dooh! That has reopened my many gunshot wounds.
apu\w_hitp_apu_01.rsd Thank you for not dodging!
apu\w_hitp_apu_02.rsd Your misfortune is most entertaining to me.
apu\w_hitp_apu_car.rsd You should not have stepped in front of my car.
apu\w_hitp_apu_enter.rsd Oh, your misfortune is most entertaining.
apu\w_hitp_apu_fear.rsd Oh do not fear, you will be reincarnated.
apu\w_hitp_apu_silly.rsd Get out of my way, silly pedestrian!
apu\w_longjump_apu_excell.rsd Most excellent!
apu\w_longjump_apu_thrill.rsd That was most thrilling!
apu\w_longjump_apu_trem.rsd Tremendous!
apu\w_mcrash_apu_ability.rsd Oh, how unproductive.
apu\w_mcrash_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_mcrash_apu_four.rsd Oh, never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\w_mcrash_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_mcrash_apu_think.rsd *scoff* What in the hell were you thinking?
apu\w_mfail_apu_end.rsd It looks like the end of the road for Apu.
apu\w_mfail_apu_failure.rsd Oh, I cannot watch such a display of failure!
apu\w_mfail_apu_feel.rsd I feel like an untouchable!
apu\w_mfail_apu_shame.rsd I have brought shame to my family and my store.
apu\w_missa_apu_cracker.rsd Move it, cracker!
apu\w_missa_apu_going.rsd Why don't you watch where you're going?!
apu\w_missa_apu_hindu.rsd Hindu coming through!
apu\w_missa_apu_whitey.rsd Hey, move it, whitey!
apu\w_missp_apu_car.rsd You should not have stepped in front of my car.
apu\w_missp_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_missp_apu_silly.rsd Get out of my way, silly pedestrian!
apu\w_mstart_apu_odor.rsd I must admit, the smell of fresh air is much more pleasing than the odor of the hot dog machine.
apu\w_mstart_apu_store.rsd Hopefully my store will not be robbed more than four times while I am driving around today.
apu\w_mstart_apu_teens.rsd Oh, I had better hurry. Last time I left my store, hoodlums put pornography in the bridal magazines.
apu\w_mvic_apu_01.rsd Thank you all for coming, I'll see you in hell!
apu\w_mvic_apu_03.rsd Shiva H. Vishnu! My jubilation knows no bounds!
apu\w_mvic_apu_brahmin.rsd Oh! I feel like a Brahmin!
apu\w_mvic_apu_come.rsd Thank you, come again.
apu\w_mvic_apu_driver.rsd I am the greatest driver in all the land!
apu\w_mvic_apu_glory.rsd I have brought glory to the name of Nahasapeemapetilon!
apu\w_mvic_apu_like.rsd That's it Apu, make them like it!
apu\w_newai_apu_come.rsd Where'd that guy come from?
apu\w_newai_apu_kid.rsd You have got to be kidding me.
apu\w_newai_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_objectw_apu_hurry.rsd I've got to hurry up or my arranged bride will chastise me!
apu\w_objectw_apu_papa.rsd Come to papa, random object!
apu\w_objectw_apu_room.rsd I hope I have room in my pants for this.
apu\w_objectw_apu_sense.rsd Who put this here? It makes no sense!
apu\w_passed_apu_cheat.rsd Oh come on, he cheated!
apu\w_passed_apu_comeon.rsd Color me outraged!
apu\w_passed_apu_disgrace.rsd Oh, what a disgrace!
apu\w_pass_apu_chance.rsd You have no chance!
apu\w_pass_apu_vehicle.rsd Too slow, opposing vehicle!
apu\w_pass_apu_woohoo.rsd Woohoo!
apu\w_ridereply_apu_azteca.rsd I hope you like loud Indian music, because I do! *loud Indian music*
apu\w_ridereply_apu_childrena.rsd Eh, why not. Anything to keep me from my family, ha!
apu\w_ridereply_apu_jiffy.rsd I'll be there in a jiffy, or my name isn't Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_karma.rsd Of course, it will be good for my karma.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_kwik.rsd Come on in. Sorry, but I'm bleeding from a recent gunshot wound. Oof.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_meat.rsd I hope you don't mind, my car smells like chutney.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_minor.rsd Oh sure, with my twenty-two-hour work day, I have lots of time to help out minor acquaintances.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_nudity.rsd Please don't sit on my Ganesh doll.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_police.rsd Get in, whitey!
apu\w_springboard_apu_01.rsd Bouncy bouncy!
apu\w_springboard_apu_acro.rsd Oh, I am surprisingly acrobatic!
apu\w_springboard_apu_flying.rsd I'm flying!
apu\w_springboard_apu_whee.rsd Whee!
apu\w_tail_apu_bargain.rsd That car belongs in the bargain bin!
apu\w_tail_apu_easier.rsd Your failure shames you! Yes you!
apu\w_tail_apu_try.rsd Nice try, foolish driver!
apu\w_time_apu_hurry.rsd Oh, I must hurry in a forward direction!
apu\w_time_apu_late.rsd Apu does not like to be late.
apu\w_time_apu_rate.rsd We are never going to get there at this rate.
apu\w_turbo_apu_01.rsd My cardio is shot!
apu\w_turbo_apu_02.rsd Oh, my giant gut is slowing me down.
apu\w_turbo_apu_breath.rsd Oh, fathering eight children has really hurt my stamina.
apu\w_turbo_apu_minute.rsd Just give me a minute, to catch my breath.
apu\w_turbo_apu_sleep.rsd Oh, I should sleep more.
conversations\c_borrowing_1_convinit_apu_l5.rsd Mr. Homer, sir. Do you have an oversized vehicle that I might be borrowing?
conversations\c_borrowing_3_convinit_apu_l5.rsd Fine, whatever.
conversations\c_burger_1_convinit_apu_l3m3.rsd Oh, this is terrible! A very bad man is delivering roadkill to all the Krusty Burgers, which are cheaper than my Kwik-E-Dogs!
conversations\c_clown(2)_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd Hello, famous American clown. I wish to ask a favor.
conversations\c_clown(2)_3_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd I require information about trucks delivering evil cola. How can I get this classified data?
conversations\c_clown_5_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd Thank you, horrible man.
conversations\c_congrats_2_convinit_apu_l1.rsd What happened to the ice cream with mini pies your wife bought this morning?
conversations\c_cud_2_noboxconv_apu_l3m3.rsd This is a moment of joy for us both!
conversations\c_dmv_2_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Oh, thank you. Thank you, my violent associate!
conversations\c_emergency(2)_2_convinit_apu_l5m3.rsd Oh no, my babies!
conversations\c_fail1_2_noboxconv_apu_l5r1.rsd Oof, I feel a need to wash myself vigorously.
conversations\c_fail2_1_noboxconv_apu_l5r3.rsd So how did I do?
conversations\c_fail2_2_noboxconv_apu_l5r1.rsd OK, now I am scared.
conversations\c_hideout_1_noboxconv_apu_l5m6.rsd What possible service could this be to the community?
conversations\c_hovercar_2_convinit_apu_l5.rsd No, nothing specifically of the hovering kind, no.
conversations\c_hovercar_4_convinit_apu_l5.rsd What are you talking about?
conversations\c_hovercar_6_convinit_apu_l5.rsd OK, what on earth can I do?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_apu_l5r1.rsd Hello, little customer. Are you here to help me in some fashion?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_apu_l5r2.rsd Hello, little hoodlum. What is causing you to be standing here now?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_apu_l5r3.rsd Hey, aren't you the boy who nearly drowned in the nacho cheese?
conversations\c_intro_3_convinit_apu_l5r1.rsd The hair is your protein.
conversations\c_italian_1_convinit_apu_l5m2.rsd Hello, stereotypical Italians. Please to tell me the source of the evil cola.
conversations\c_italian_3_convinit_apu_l5m2.rsd Oh my gosh, your thinly-veiled threat has reminded me of my fatherly duties! I'm supposed to pick up the octuplets at the doctor's!
conversations\c_jerkwater_2_noboxconv_apu_l3m3.rsd Perhaps you should consult Professor Frink at the observatory. He seems to know everything, except why I ever came to this jerkwater burg.
conversations\c_mob_1_noboxconv_apu_l5m1.rsd The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. Looks like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is taking on... the mob!
conversations\c_mugging_2_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Oh, what good luck, a criminal!
conversations\c_mugging_4_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Surely a violent filthbag such as yourself could find out who is driving the black cola vans.
conversations\c_mugging_6_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd It is a deal.
conversations\c_mugging_8_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Yes yes, whatever.
conversations\c_museum_1_convinit_apu_l5m7.rsd Oh, Mr. Bart! I have discovered that the evil cola is being made in the Springfield Museum!
conversations\c_museum_3_convinit_apu_l5m7.rsd And my car is out of gas!
conversations\c_museum_5_convinit_apu_l5m7.rsd At those prices? No way!
conversations\c_profanity_1_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd If you do not tell me who owns the cola trucks, then I will be forced to use... profanity!
conversations\c_profanity_3_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd The museum! Oh, each level of this adventure is more exciting than the last!
conversations\c_redeem_1_convinit_apu_l5m1.rsd Oh, I have been selling tainted cola. Unless I redeem myself, I will be reincarnated as a sea cucumber, or worse, a land cucumber! I must find the source of this evil beverage, the soda invoice commanded I go here, but I see no cola factory. Ooh, a cola truck! Time for me to do that Hindu that I do.
conversations\c_relief_2_convinit_apu_l5b1.rsd Ugh, do not patronize my faith, OK?
conversations\c_scared_2_convinit_apu_l6m1.rsd I'm sorry sir, but I cannot speak English, I only speak Hindi.
conversations\c_scared_4_convinit_apu_l6m1.rsd Uh, yes I learned these phonetically.
conversations\c_scared_6_convinit_apu_l6m1.rsd Up-down, up-down, go hot dog, butter my undershirt, blah blah blah.
conversations\c_seedy_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd Perhaps I should consult someone with connections to Springfield's seedy underbelly.
conversations\c_stinkdog_2_noboxconv_apu_l2m5.rsd Please stop what you are doing, no one can sell rotten meat in this town but me!
conversations\c_success_2_convinit_apu_l5r2.rsd I am American!
conversations\c_success_2_convinit_apu_l5r3.rsd Oh, thank the gods there is!
conversations\c_tainted_2_convinit_apu_l4m7.rsd Oh, there is little here not tainted in some way. Even the astrology scrolls give poor advice. But, I will get to the bottom of this.
conversations\c_tainted_4_convinit_apu_l4m7.rsd Careful, Mrs. Simpson, this cola makes people do irrational things without guilt. It is as though they have bottled the effects of a raging frat kegger.
conversations\c_trust_1_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd Sir, this folder is empty! To rob me is one thing, but I never expected you to lie.
conversations\c_trust_3_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd Oh, I should know better than to trust that demented chuckle, but OK.
conversations\c_tushie_1_convinit_apu_l5m3.rsd Quickly! Cover my incontinent children's tushies!
conversations\c_victim_1_noboxconv_apu_l5m5.rsd Empty! I am the victim of chicanery most vile!
Transcribed Dialogue

Barney Gumble

This page lists all of Barney Gumble's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_01.rsd Don't drive drunk!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_02.rsd My liver broke!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_03.rsd Damn you, elephant!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_04.rsd Lousy DUI!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_05.rsd Ow!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_06.rsd Gah!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_07.rsd Ouch!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_08.rsd Whoah!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_09.rsd Ahh!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_again.rsd Not again!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_head.rsd Ow! That makes my head hurt!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_hurt.rsd Ow, that hurt!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_whoa.rsd Whoa!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_01.rsd Stop it, buffalo girl!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_02.rsd You can't take my dignity, or my vomit bag!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_03.rsd Why are you doing this?
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_04.rsd I'll accept abuse for a quarter.
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_05.rsd Yahh!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_06.rsd Oh boy!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_07.rsd Wuh oh!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_08.rsd Bwah!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_09.rsd Hey!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_belch.rsd *belch*
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_enough.rsd Enough! Enough!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_pass.rsd I think I'll pass out now.
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_sober.rsd That sobered me up!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_01.rsd Stop it! My reflexes are dulled by years of self-abuse!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_02.rsd This happens every second Thursday.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_03.rsd Oh no, the gypsy was right! I am drunk!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_04.rsd Please stop doing that, I have very little dignity left.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_planet.rsd Go back to your own planet!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_stay.rsd Maybe I should just stay down.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_uhoh.rsd Uh oh.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_varnish.rsd Hey, I spilled my drink!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster01.rsd Taken!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster02.rsd Wah! Snakes! Snakes everywhere!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster03.rsd Hey, whose vomit is this? Oh, I guess it doesn't matter.
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster04.rsd Aahh! I'm drowning in garbage water!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster05.rsd Ah, I've seen better days, but the food is free.
conversations\c_cooler_2_convinit_brn_l1m2.rsd Now what will I use for a toilet?
conversations\c_duff_2_convinit_brn_l6m2.rsd Krusty's not here, little Homer. He's down at the Squidport, doing a promo for this new Buzz Cola.
conversations\c_duff_4_convinit_brn_l6m2.rsd Control human behaviour? No beverage could do that! Oh no, I haven't had a Duff in two hours, my life is over! *sobbing*
conversations\c_duff_6_convinit_brn_l6m2.rsd And I have to stay here and go through the DTs!
conversations\c_plowking_2_convinit_brn_l1.rsd Take what you want, sexy leprechaun. Just don't shoot me with that dart gun! Ohh.
Transcribed Dialogue

Bumblebee Man

This page lists all of Bumblebee Man's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_01.rsd Ay, que lastima!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_02.rsd Ay ay ay.
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_03.rsd Ay ay ay!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_04.rsd Ay!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_05.rsd No me gusta!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_06.rsd No es bueno!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_07.rsd Ow!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_08.rsd Ah!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_medico.rsd Ay, necesito un medico!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_01.rsd Ay, mi cabeza!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_02.rsd Ay, mis alas!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_03.rsd Ooh!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_04.rsd Augh!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_05.rsd Caramba!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_06.rsd Oof!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_07.rsd Ay, dios mio!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_08.rsd Aych!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_gusta.rsd Ah, no me gusta!
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_01.rsd Ay ay ay. Por qué es tan cruel el mundo.
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_02.rsd Ándale, cobarde. Quieres pleito?
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_03.rsd Te crees muy macho, ratoncito?
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_aid.rsd Ayudame!
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_presta.rsd Oye, presta atención!
Transcribed Dialogue

Carl Carlson

This page lists all of Carl Carlson's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
carl\p_hitbyc_crl_compa.rsd Ow! Worker's comp, here I come!
carl\p_hitbyc_crl_hand.rsd Oh come on, not my bowling hand!
carl\p_hitbyc_crl_lega.rsd Hey! I need that leg for walking on!
carl\p_hitbyw_crl_drunk.rsd Oh, good thing I'm drunk!
carl\p_hitbyw_crl_lucky.rsd Yeah, you're lucky I'm complacent.
Hey, you're lucky I'm complacent.
carl\p_hitbyw_crl_watch.rsd Watch it, dumbass.
carl\p_nhitbyc_crl_eyes.rsd Open your eyes!
carl\p_nhitbyc_crl_rummy.rsd Hey watch out, rummy!
carl\p_nhitbyc_crl_watch.rsd Hey watch where you're going!
conversations\c_adventure_1_convinit_crl_l1m7.rsd Hey Homer, you look like you're having one of your trademark adventures.
conversations\c_adventure_3_convinit_crl_l1m7.rsd Oh, good thing I'm drunk!
Transcribed Dialogue

Dolph Starbeam

This page lists all of Dolph Starbeam's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
dolph\p_hitbyc_dol_01.rsd Dolph Starbeam My crew will avenge me!
dolph\p_hitbyc_dol_away.rsd Dolph Starbeam Ow! My haircut!
dolph\p_hitbyc_dol_find.rsd Dolph Starbeam I'll find you!
dolph\p_hitbyc_dol_mommy.rsd Dolph Starbeam You're dead meat!
dolph\p_hitbyc_dol_right.rsd Dolph Starbeam That's not right!
dolph\p_hitbyw_dol_01.rsd Dolph Starbeam My therapist'll hear about this!
dolph\p_hitbyw_dol_car.rsd Dolph Starbeam Your car is so TPed.
dolph\p_hitbyw_dol_stop.rsd Dolph Starbeam Stop it, tool!
dolph\p_hitbyw_dol_why.rsd Dolph Starbeam Look out, nob!
dolph\p_hitbyw_dol_wrong.rsd Dolph Starbeam Pain begets pain!
dolph\p_nhitbyc_dol_01.rsd Dolph Starbeam Lawbreaker!
dolph\p_nhitbyc_dol_break.rsd Dolph Starbeam You are looking at a lawsuit.
dolph\p_nhitbyc_dol_history.rsd Dolph Starbeam When I get my driver's license, you are history.
dolph\p_nhitbyc_dol_look.rsd Dolph Starbeam Look out, nerd!
dolph\p_nhitbyc_dol_wrong.rsd Dolph Starbeam What's wrong with you?!
Transcribed Dialogue

Dr. Nick Riviera

This page lists all of Dr. Nick Riviera's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

A file name with parentheses, e.g. conversations\c_monkey(2)_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd, indicates the line exists as both conversations\c_monkey_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd and conversations\c_monkey2_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd.

An ❌ in the filter column indicates that there is a filter applied to the line, making it less than ideal for standard use.

File Dialogue Filter
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_01.rsd Bye everybody!  
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_02.rsd Oh no, blood! Oh, ohh.  
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_blood.rsd Oh gross, blood.  
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_place.rsd Somebody take me to the operating place!  
dr.nick\p_hitbyw_nic_sex.rsd Don't come crying to me when you need a sex change!  
dr.nick\p_hitbyw_nic_wanta.rsd Seriously baby, I can prescribe anything I want.  
dr.nick\p_hitbyw_nic_you.rsd Watch out, everybody!  
dr.nick\p_nhitbyc_nic_01.rsd Hey, you drive as well as I practice medicine!  
dr.nick\p_nhitbyc_nic_02.rsd You're the Dr. Nick of driving.  
dr.nick\p_nhitbyc_nic_watch.rsd Watch where you're going, silly person!  
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical01.rsd Oh no, I hope that's not the coroner again. I am so sick of that guy!
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical02.rsd Go away! I had almost nothing to do with that ebola outbreak, OK?!
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical03.rsd Nice monkey, get back in the torture box!
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical04.rsd Hi everybody!
conversations\c_cream_2_convinit_nic_l3b1.rsd Hi little girl. Ah, you're so cute. Here's the principal's anti-fungal cream!  
conversations\c_electrode_1_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Welcome home, daddy's little angels. Now to put electrodes in your brains!  
conversations\c_monkey(2)_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Hi everybody!  
conversations\c_monkey(2)_4_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Not now, OK? My monkeys have escaped! Can you catch them for me? I'll be so grateful!  
conversations\c_monkey(2)_6_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Because! I have tortured them horribly, silly!  
Transcribed Dialogue

Generic Traffic Drivers

This page lists the generic traffic driver dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

Notably, a number of these lines appear to be unused.

File Speaker Dialogue
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 My kidneys, and my lymph nodes!
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 For shame, for shame.
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 My face! Where is it?
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Great, that's just great.
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Move it.
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Come on already!
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Beat it, ya bum!
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Let's pick it up here, people!
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 That's it, no more braking for me.
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Ow, my neck.
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Watch it, jerky.
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 What's the big idea?
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 *gasp* I'm-a going to a better place! Capital City!
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 You can-a defeat me, but two more will take my place!
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Daah!
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 My legs... are over there!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Ey, get-a your face outta my face!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Get off the road, and onto the sidewalk!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Shove over!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Eyyy, what's the matter wit' you?
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Eyes forward, maggot.
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Don't make me get my board with a nail in it!
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Ah! Scalding coffee, on-a my crotch!
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Lunatic!
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 *scream*
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 I'm all dead inside.
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Not my generic car!
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 This is the worst birthday ever!
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Move it, come on come on!
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Lousy minor inconvenience.
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 One side, let's go!
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Make like a tree and get outta here!
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 I dropped my cell phone!
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Oh for crying out loud!
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Thank God I'm an attorney.
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Stop enjoying this!
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 My status symbol!
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 I blame society.
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 *scream*
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Sure, I didn't need that eye.
traffic4\d_carway_vf2_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Get that scrap heap off the road!
traffic4\d_carway_vf2_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Get it in gear, buddy.
traffic4\d_carway_vf2_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Move it already, out out out!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 I blame video games... and Canadians!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Oow, maybe you should carpool!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 I should punch you in the happy sacks!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 What the fu... dge!
Transcribed Dialogue

Gil Gunderson

This page lists all of Gil Gunderson's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
gil\p_hitbyc_gil_01.rsd Gil Gunderson Old Gil's gonna sue! I'm gonna be on easy street!
gil\p_hitbyc_gil_02.rsd Gil Gunderson Ohh, this looks bad for old Gil!
gil\p_hitbyc_gil_03.rsd Gil Gunderson Ohh, I think you broke something there!
gil\p_hitbyw_gil_01.rsd Gil Gunderson Old Gil's really done for!
gil\p_hitbyw_gil_02.rsd Gil Gunderson Old Gil needs another operation.
gil\w_carbuy_gil_01.rsd Gil Gunderson Gah, you gonna buy a car?
gil\w_carbuy_gil_02.rsd Gil Gunderson You just gotta help old Gil out.
gil\w_carbuy_gil_03.rsd Gil Gunderson The wolf is at old Gil's door.
Transcribed Dialogue

Groundskeeper Willie

This page lists all of Groundskeeper Willie's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_01.rsd Groundskeeper Willie I'll cobble your mockers!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_02.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Oh, what did you go and do that for?!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_03.rsd Groundskeeper Willie If you were in Scotland, we'd dunk you in the pig slop!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_04.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Auch, that's gonna leave a mark!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_05.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Ech, I need some of Scotland's finest right now.
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_06.rsd Groundskeeper Willie You call that a crushing blow?!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_07.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Damn you American drivers!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_08.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Ehh, it's high school all over again!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_09.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Gah!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_10.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Auch!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_11.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Eh!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_12.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Ooch!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_13.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Argh!
willie\p_hitbyc_wil_14.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Ough!
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_01.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Sod off, you mockers.
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_02.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Oh, what did you go and do that for?
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_03.rsd Groundskeeper Willie You'd get eaten alive on the streets of Glasgow.
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_04.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Eh, just give up.
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_05.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Are you starting something?
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_06.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Don't make me whale on you.
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_07.rsd Groundskeeper Willie *distressed Scotsman noises*
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_07a.rsd Groundskeeper Willie *distressed Scotsman noises*
willie\p_hitbyw_wil_08.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Auch, I should have moved to the highlands of Springfield.
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_01.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Watch where you're going!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_02.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Are you daft?!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_03.rsd Groundskeeper Willie The Scots have a word for you, crap!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_04.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Don't make Willie angry, you wouldn't like Willie when he's angry!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_05.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Why don't you watch where you're going, you filthy colonial?!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_06.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Don't make me throw my caber at you!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_07.rsd Groundskeeper Willie I should brown bottle you!
willie\p_nhitbyc_wil_08.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Give me one more reason not to throttle your knackers!
willie\w_doorbell_wil_shack01.rsd Willie behind a door Stay out, it's Willie's time.
willie\w_doorbell_wil_shack02.rsd Willie behind a door This isn't, this isn't right at all.
willie\w_doorbell_wil_shack03.rsd Willie behind a door Unless you're a bonnie Scottish lass in a bonnie wee kilt, shove off!
willie\w_doorbell_wil_shack04.rsd Willie behind a door Aw, look what you've gone and done. I've burnt me haggis!
willie\w_doorbell_wil_shack05.rsd Willie behind a door Unless ye be from the sweepstakes, sod off!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_bagpipe.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Oh, my delicate hands are chapped from cleaning the puke all day!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_corn.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Auch, I'll never want to see another mouthful of creamed corn as long as I live.
willie\w_idlereply_wil_fingers.rsd Groundskeeper Willie I got a bad case of haggis breath, so stand back laddy!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_french.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Ah, it's a great day for beating up an English toff!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_grease.rsd Groundskeeper Willie There's nary a man alive who can outrun a greased Scotsman.
willie\w_idlereply_wil_little.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Run along wee ones, I've got no time for your nonsense.
willie\w_idlereply_wil_mother.rsd Groundskeeper Willie I've got to get home, the Glasgow Derby kicks off in three minutes!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_novel.rsd Groundskeeper Willie In Scotland, I had a PhD... in rioting!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_sequin.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Eh, the kilt's just for day-to-day wear. In battle, we donned a full ball gown, covered in sequins!
willie\w_idlereply_wil_soccer.rsd Groundskeeper Willie My father just lost an arm in a soccer riot.
conversations\c_tractor_2_convinit_wil_l4.rsd Groundskeeper Willie Err, I've got to sell my beloved tractor. My father's been thrown in the clink for football hooliganism and I've no money for his bail.
Transcribed Dialogue

Kearney Zzyzwicz

This page lists all of Kearney Zzyzwicz's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
kearney\p_hitbyc_kea_01.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz This will echo in eternity!
kearney\p_hitbyc_kea_ambulance.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Why do bad people suffer?
kearney\p_hitbyc_kea_child.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz I'm gonna beat you and or your child!
kearney\p_hitbyc_kea_chocolate.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Ohh, I've never know such pain!
kearney\p_hitbyc_kea_support.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Ohh, how will I pay for my child support?
kearney\p_hitbyw_kea_01.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz You ever been hit with a nine iron?
kearney\p_hitbyw_kea_bring.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Bring it on, tool!
kearney\p_hitbyw_kea_lunch.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Stop touching me!
kearney\p_hitbyw_kea_oowf.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz No!
kearney\p_hitbyw_kea_quit.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Come on, quit it!
kearney\p_nhitbyc_kea_01.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz You call that a drive-by?
kearney\p_nhitbyc_kea_look.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Look out!
kearney\p_nhitbyc_kea_nerd.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz Missed me, dork!
kearney\p_nhitbyc_kea_support.rsd Kearney Zzyzwicz You drive poorly!
Transcribed Dialogue


This page lists all of Legs's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
legs\p_hitbyc_leg_giggle.rsd Legs What are you, on the giggle juice?
legs\p_hitbyc_leg_rebreak.rsd Legs I'm gonna whack you so hard.
legs\p_hitbyc_leg_shock.rsd Legs Ah, I need a mob doctor.
legs\p_hitbyw_leg_ape.rsd Legs Give me one good reason not to ape your pickles.
legs\p_hitbyw_leg_rib.rsd Legs You're looking at some serious bustafazoo.
legs\p_hitbyw_leg_suit.rsd Legs Hey! Hands off the suit.
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_01.rsd Legs Not for nothing.
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_fuge.rsd Legs Fuhgeddaboudit.
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_police.rsd Legs Where are the police?!
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_rattler.rsd Legs Whatsamattayou?!
Transcribed Dialogue

Lenny Leonard

This page lists all of Lenny Leonard's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_eye.rsd Lenny Leonard My eye!
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_scream.rsd Lenny Leonard Ah! More pain for Lenny!
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_war.rsd Lenny Leonard Who would do this to a war hero?
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_why.rsd Lenny Leonard Why God?! Why?!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_01.rsd Lenny Leonard Frottage is a crime!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_help.rsd Lenny Leonard Help!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_ow.rsd Lenny Leonard Ow!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_plant.rsd Lenny Leonard Now I'm taking a sick day.
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_why.rsd Lenny Leonard Pfft, clumsiness has become epidemic.
lenny\p_nhitbyc_len_bearclaw.rsd Lenny Leonard Ngaw, I dropped my bear claw.
lenny\p_nhitbyc_len_look.rsd Lenny Leonard Look out!
lenny\p_nhitbyc_len_watch.rsd Lenny Leonard Hey watch where you're going!
Transcribed Dialogue

Lou the Cop

This page lists all of Lou the Cop's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
loecop\p_hitbyc_loe_bruise.rsd Lou the Cop Someone call a cop!
loecop\p_hitbyc_loe_hatless.rsd Lou the Cop Suspect is hatless, repeat, hatless.
loecop\p_hitbyc_loe_mark.rsd Lou the Cop Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark.
loecop\p_hitbyw_loe_bribe.rsd Lou the Cop Uh, I'm waiting for a bribe here.
loecop\p_hitbyw_loe_gun.rsd Lou the Cop I dropped my gun!
loecop\p_hitbyw_loe_offence.rsd Lou the Cop Assaulting a police officer is a federal offense... I think.
loecop\p_nhitbyc_loe_driving.rsd Lou the Cop Woah, that's some nice reckless driving there.
loecop\p_nhitbyc_loe_hug.rsd Lou the Cop Woah, officer scared, requesting hug.
loecop\p_nhitbyc_loe_nachos.rsd Lou the Cop Uh, officer down, requesting nachos.
Transcribed Dialogue


This page lists all of Louie's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_01.rsd Louie What am I, a clown to you?
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_broke.rsd Louie I smudged my mob attire!
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_face.rsd Louie You better not show your face in goombah town.
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_family.rsd Louie You, your family, and your cat are dead!
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_two.rsd Louie Two more will take my place!
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_icepick.rsd Louie Oh, I'm gonna ice pick you so hard!
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_lucky.rsd Louie You're lucky I'm on parole today.
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_respect.rsd Louie Hey, show some respect!
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_trouble.rsd Louie Are you starting trouble?
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_911.rsd Louie Dial 911!
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_dead.rsd Louie When I get made, you're dead!
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_justice.rsd Louie What a travesty of justice!
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_police.rsd Louie Where are the police already?
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc01.rsd Louie through intercom Stay out or I'll ice pick your eye.
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc02.rsd Louie through intercom Leg it or I'll punch you in the vital areas.
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc03.rsd Louie through intercom Don't come in here! We're making sausage... Man sausages.
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc04.rsd Louie through intercom Get lost, we're greasing our hair and skin!
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc05.rsd Louie through intercom Just slide your envelope under the door.
Transcribed Dialogue

Marge Simpson

This page lists all of Marge Simpson's conversational dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Interactive dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
conversations\c_baby_1_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson You've got to help me, I've got to find out what happened to my baby boy.
conversations\c_baby_3_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson Harvest? If I'm going to be doing yard work, I better change or my next mission will be to get mud stains out of green rayon.
conversations\c_baby2_1_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson You've got to help me, I've got to find out what happened to my baby boy.
conversations\c_canyonero_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Eat Canyonero!
conversations\c_cola_1_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Bart, do you recognize this design?
conversations\c_cola_3_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Oh thank god! You snapped out of your trance, I was so worried.
conversations\c_cola_5_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson This conspiracy goes all the way to the top, I need a little extra firepower... as Officer Marge!
conversations\c_cola2_1_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Bart, do you recognize this design?
conversations\c_cola2_3_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Oh thank god! You snapped out of your trance, I was so worried.
conversations\c_cure_1_convinit_mrg_l4m1.rsd Marge Simpson Chief Wiggum, I need you to find out what happened to Bart. Could you show me where the crop circle is? There's got to be a clue to curing Bart...


Marge Simpson Excuse me!
conversations\c_decrapitude_3_convinit_mrg_l4m2.rsd Marge Simpson No Cletus, it's me, Marge! Marge!
conversations\c_done_1_convinit_mrg_l4b1.rsd Marge Simpson Well, that's done like laundry.
conversations\c_evil_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson I'll get you, you evil cola bottlers and distributors!
conversations\c_fail2_2_noboxconv_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson I'll try again, thank you.
conversations\c_hiding_1_convinit_mrg_l4m4.rsd Marge Simpson Um, excuse me, Hans Moleman. Could you help me?
conversations\c_hiding_3_convinit_mrg_l4m4.rsd Marge Simpson Well, I was wondering if you've ever seen a crop circle.
conversations\c_hooligan_1_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson How could you hooligans steal an old man's medication? You give it back right now.
conversations\c_hooligan_3_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Hmmph...
conversations\c_icecream_1_convinit_mrg_l1.rsd Marge Simpson Homie, somebody ate every dessert in the house. I need you to run to the store and pick up some of that ice cream with the miniature pies in it.
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson Hello Milhouse, what're you doing here?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_mrg_l4r3.rsd Marge Simpson Little Ralphie Wiggum, how are you?
conversations\c_intro_2_convinit_mrg_l4r2.rsd Marge Simpson The name is Marge, thank you.
conversations\c_intro_3_convinit_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson Well, I'm sure it's building character.
conversations\c_intro_3_convinit_mrg_l4r3.rsd Marge Simpson So... what're you doing here?
conversations\c_intro_5_convinit_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson Sounds like fun, hang in there!
conversations\c_ketchup_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson Nah... Why don't we go to the supermarket? They'll have ketchup.
conversations\c_ketchup_3_noboxconv_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson In bottles!
conversations\c_medicine_1_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Here's your crazy medicine, grampa.
conversations\c_medicine_3_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Oh... great. Now I need something to wake him up...
conversations\c_neighbor_1_convinit_mrg_l1m2.rsd Marge Simpson Homer, go talk to Ned Flanders. He seems miffed and POed.
conversations\c_nuts_2_convinit_mrg_l4m1.rsd Marge Simpson Oh... Oh Bart. What's causing your ooga-booga talk? My special little guy's noogle has turned to googoo. The whole town's gone nuts. Security cameras, mysterious vans, crop circles... there's got to be a connection. Maybe the police know something...
conversations\c_pappy_2_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson Thanks, Cletus!
conversations\c_pills_1_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Grampa, do you know anything about crop circles?
conversations\c_pills_3_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Oh dear...
conversations\c_project_1_convinit_mrg_l1m1.rsd Marge Simpson Homie, Lisa left for school without her science project! Can you get it to her?
conversations\c_project_3_convinit_mrg_l1m1.rsd Marge Simpson You can drop it off on the way to work!
conversations\c_scorpion_1_convinit_mrg_l1m3.rsd Marge Simpson Homie, you're late for work! And today's your workplace evaluation with Mr. Smithers.
conversations\c_selling_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Hmph... I'll bet Apu knows who's selling the cola.
conversations\c_settled_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Well, that score is settled. Now to go home to my family...
conversations\c_sharing_1_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson If only kids would play more video games about sharing...
conversations\c_sharing_3_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson Hmmph...
conversations\c_spherical_1_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Mr. Guy, what're you doing here?
conversations\c_spherical_3_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Why not just go get them back?
conversations\c_spherical_5_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Oh... I know. It's not easy being husky. Tell you what, I'll take care of this for you if you help me take care of some things.
conversations\c_spherical_7_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Okay... Okay... I get it. Sheesh.
conversations\c_tainted_1_convinit_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Apu, I think you should be aware that you're selling a tainted cola. Where is this stuff coming from?
conversations\c_tainted_3_convinit_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Well, it made Bart go crazy! And if I find the distributor, I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind!
conversations\c_tainted_5_convinit_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson That's it, I'm going after it! And any other evil cola trucks I can find!
conversations\c_tractor_1_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Willie, what're you doing here?
conversations\c_tractor_3_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Well, I certainly could use a tractor around the house for hauling away Homer's empties...
conversations\c_violent_2_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson Not now Homer! A new violent video game has hit the streets and we need to get rid of it before it warps any children with its bloops and bleeps.
conversations\c_violent_4_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson And therefore should be destroyed!
Transcribed Dialogue

Milhouse Van Houten

This page lists all of Milhouse Van Houten's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
milhouse\p_hitbyc_mil_01.rsd Milhouse Van Houten *grunt* I swallowed my retainer.
milhouse\p_hitbyc_mil_02.rsd Milhouse Van Houten You hurt me! Nothing gives you that right!
milhouse\p_hitbyc_mil_03.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Stop!
milhouse\p_hitbyc_mil_04.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Ow! That hurt!
milhouse\p_hitbyw_mil_01.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Hey, hey, hey! There's enough Milhouse for everyone!
milhouse\p_hitbyw_mil_02.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Oh, good. Another bully.
milhouse\p_hitbyw_mil_dad.rsd Milhouse Van Houten I'm telling Weekend Dad!
milhouse\p_hitbyw_mil_wedgie.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Frottage is a crime!
milhouse\p_hitbyw_mil_why.rsd Milhouse Van Houten *sigh* Why am I so hated?
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_01.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Why don't you watch where you're going?!
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_02.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Alright, what's the big idea?
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_03.rsd Milhouse Van Houten I feel barfy!
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_04.rsd Milhouse Van Houten *sobbing* That scared me!
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_05.rsd Milhouse Van Houten Save me, Weekend Dad!
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_06.rsd Milhouse Van Houten *agonized noises*
milhouse\p_nhitbyc_mil_older.rsd Milhouse Van Houten *pained sound* I need new undies!
Transcribed Dialogue

Mayor Quimby*

This page lists all of Mayor Quimby's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
quimby\w_doorbell_qim_house01.rsd Quimby through intercom Do you mind? You're spoiling the romance here.
quimby\w_doorbell_qim_house02.rsd Quimby through intercom I, er uh, gave at the office.
quimby\w_doorbell_qim_house03.rsd Quimby through intercom I've been advised by my security to stay indoors.
quimby\w_doorbell_qim_house04.rsd Quimby through intercom I am uh, am busy improving our town.
quimby\w_doorbell_qim_house05.rsd Quimby through intercom I can't come to the door, I'm spending an evening with the uh, wife.
Transcribed Dialogue

Rod Flanders

This page lists all of Rod Flanders's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
rod\w_doorbell_rod_shelter01.rsd Rod Flanders We're waiting for the apocalypse!
rod\w_doorbell_rod_shelter02.rsd Rod Flanders We only come out to go to church!
rod\w_doorbell_rod_shelter02a.rsd Rod Flanders We only come out to go to church.
rod\w_doorbell_rod_shelter03.rsd Rod Flanders I get to anoint their feet!
Transcribed Dialogue

Todd Flanders

This page lists all of Todd Flanders's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
todd\w_doorbell_todd_shelter01.rsd Todd Flanders This bomb shelter is occupied!
todd\w_doorbell_todd_shelter02.rsd Todd Flanders Is that you, Lord?
todd\w_doorbell_todd_shelter03.rsd Todd Flanders Yay! The rapture!
todd\w_doorbell_todd_shelter04.rsd Todd Flanders Stranger danger.
Transcribed Dialogue

Hans Moleman

This page lists all of Hans Moleman's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_01.rsd All I know is pain.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_02.rsd I have fluid in my lungs.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_03.rsd Ow, I hit my head.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_04.rsd My brain is bleeding.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_05.rsd I don't have insurance!
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_again.rsd Not again.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyw_mol_01.rsd My wrinkles hurt.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyw_mol_cold.rsd Cold, so cold.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyw_mol_dead.rsd I'm all dead inside.
hans_moleman\p_nhitbyc_mol_alone.rsd I'm so alone.
hans_moleman\p_nhitbyc_mol_life.rsd This was the highlight of my life.
hans_moleman\p_nhitbyc_mol_loser.rsd Missed me! Loser!
conversations\c_hiding_2_convinit_mol_l4m4.rsd Shh! I'm hiding from the police. If the police find me out past curfew, they'll throw me in jail! I won't survive another night in jail.
conversations\c_hiding_4_convinit_mol_l4m4.rsd Talk to Abe, he mentioned crop circles once. Hurry up and get to the home before the police lock the doors.