Bumblebee Man

This page lists all of Bumblebee Man's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_01.rsd Ay, que lastima!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_02.rsd Ay ay ay.
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_03.rsd Ay ay ay!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_04.rsd Ay!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_05.rsd No me gusta!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_06.rsd No es bueno!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_07.rsd Ow!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_08.rsd Ah!
bumblebee\p_hitbyc_bee_medico.rsd Ay, necesito un medico!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_01.rsd Ay, mi cabeza!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_02.rsd Ay, mis alas!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_03.rsd Ooh!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_04.rsd Augh!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_05.rsd Caramba!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_06.rsd Oof!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_07.rsd Ay, dios mio!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_08.rsd Aych!
bumblebee\p_hitbyw_bee_gusta.rsd Ah, no me gusta!
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_01.rsd Ay ay ay. Por qué es tan cruel el mundo.
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_02.rsd Ándale, cobarde. Quieres pleito?
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_03.rsd Te crees muy macho, ratoncito?
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_aid.rsd Ayudame!
bumblebee\p_nhitbyc_bee_presta.rsd Oye, presta atención!

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