Carl Carlson

This page lists all of Carl Carlson's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
carl\p_hitbyc_crl_compa.rsd Carl Carlson Ow! Worker's comp, here I come!
carl\p_hitbyc_crl_hand.rsd Carl Carlson Oh come on, not my bowling hand!
carl\p_hitbyc_crl_lega.rsd Carl Carlson Hey! I need that leg for walking on!
carl\p_hitbyw_crl_drunk.rsd Carl Carlson Oh, good thing I'm drunk!
carl\p_hitbyw_crl_lucky.rsd Carl Carlson Yeah, you're lucky I'm complacent.
Hey, you're lucky I'm complacent.
carl\p_hitbyw_crl_watch.rsd Carl Carlson Watch it, dumbass.
carl\p_nhitbyc_crl_eyes.rsd Carl Carlson Open your eyes!
carl\p_nhitbyc_crl_rummy.rsd Carl Carlson Hey watch out, rummy!
carl\p_nhitbyc_crl_watch.rsd Carl Carlson Hey watch where you're going!
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