About Hack Support


This hack manages and co-ordinates all other hacks and provides shared functionality to them.


This is an example configuration for this hack with comments explaining how it works.

This configuration goes into HackSupport.ini in the root of your mod.

Note: Despite Hack Support being always enabled, a mod must explicitly require it to configure it.

We do not recommend copying this entire example into your mod. We recommend only using what is necessary.

; HackSupport.ini
	; Configure obscure features in HackSupport

; [Miscellaneous] Section
	; OverrideTexture: Specify a texture name that will be forced for every non-animated shader.


This hack changes in practically every version of the Mod Launcher to accommodate other hacks. Only some specific changes are listed here.


Added support for configuring this hack and the "OverrideTexture" to preemptively support Australian Edition.

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