About Increased Reward Limits


This hack increases some Reward related limits.

The limits are fairly complicated and many of them are still not increased even with this hack, so this chart is here to break down what limits are changed and which ones are not.

Limit Original Limit Increased Limit
Maximum "forsale" Rewards Per Level in the Saved Game 12 Infinite1
Maximum "forsale" Rewards Per Level 8 Infinite1
Maximum Skins in the Skin Shop 4 64
Maximum Cars in each4 Phonebooth 64 Not Increased
Maximum Car Health Values in the Saved Game 602 Not Increased
Maximum "forsale" Cars Per Seller 643 Not Increased
Maximum Car Attributes 50 Infinite1

1 While this limit is irrelevant with this hack, there are still other limits on both Cars and Skins.

2 This limit means that, while the phone booth supports 64 cars, you should only define a maximum of 60 or else it becomes possible to exceed this limit.

3 Normally this limit cannot be reached but since it can with this hack, it's important to keep in mind the limit on Maximum Cars in the Phonebooth but more importantly the limit on Maximum Car Health Values in the Saved Game which effectively makes this limit 60.

By default, all cars added will go into one phonebooth though multiple phonebooths can be bound to specific locators using Custom Shop Support.

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