About Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes contains a number of different fixes for issues in the original game. This hack can be enabled by ticking it in the Settings tab of the Mods List or via a mod requiring it explicitly (which will enable it regardless of whether or not the user has enabled it).


This is an outline of the settings for this hack.

Bug Fix Explanation
Visual > Cursor Position Fixes an issue where the cursor is positioned incorrectly when using an aspect ratio other than 1:1.
Visual > Steering Animations Fixes an issue preventing steering/swaying animations from playing.
Visual > Character Rotations Fixes issues where character rotations are handled incorrectly when standing on top of movable objects such as platforms or cars.
Visual > HUD Coin Depth Makes the coin on the HUD have depth.
Crashes > Main Menu Cheat Code Enter Crash Fixes a crash when entering a cheat code on the main menu.
Crashes > Unlock All Camera Settings Crash Fixes a crash related to the Unlock All Cameras cheat and the Settings menu is fixed.
Crashes > Fix Late Focus Freeze Fixes the game freezing on the license screen if it's not focused soon enough.


This is an example configuration for this hack if it's required by a mod.

We do not recommend copying this entire example into your mod. We recommend only using what is necessary.

; Force HUD Coin Depth
;    Useful if the mod has a custom coin model that looks especially bad without this fix.
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