Lucas' Pure3D Editor

Version History (Editor)


This update was released on July 12th, 2018.

  • Added the "Teleport To In Game" tool on Locator chunks. This allows you to teleport to the position of the locator. This works with 1.17.1 or newer of the Mod Launcher.
  • Fixed a crash when pasting some Frontend pages.


This update was released on July 5th, 2018.

  • Added new Filter Modes to the Filter Mode dropdown on the Shader editor.
    • Nearest Neighbour, Mip Nearest Neighbour
    • Linear, Mip Nearest Neighbour
    • Linear, Mip Linear
  • Made it so Shaders with the Nearest Neighbour, Mip Nearest Neighbour filter modes display more correctly in 3D views.
  • Updated the Value Editor to support the following chunk types:
    • Light
    • Light Position
    • Light Direction
    • Light Shadow
    • Old Scenegraph Light Group


This update was released on June 28th, 2018.

  • Fixed a crash when copying or cutting a chunk that happened on occasion.
  • Fixed a crash when exporting meshes/skins with no UV list.
  • Fixed a crash when exporting if an Old Primitive Group references a Shader that doesn't exist.
  • Fixed an issue where the Visible value inside State Prop VIsibilites Data was treated as a block of data instead of an Integer.
  • Fixed an issue where Set chunks (Random Textures) were removed when using the Convert To Shop Preview tool.
  • Updated the Edit Rotation tool to be supported on Skeleton Joint chunks.
  • Updated the Frontend Viewer to respect the Native X and Native Y values of Sprite chunks.
  • Updated the Locator Editor and the Value Editor to show "Event" and "Parameter" instead of "Unknown" and "Unknown 2" on Type 0 locators.
  • Updated the model chunk viewer to show environment maps on Skin chunks with a Version other than 3.
  • Updated the Import Model XML tool to ignore weights of 0.
  • Updated the names of various Chunk types and Chunk values to Radical's official names. If you'd like, you can enable View > Use Legacy Names to use the old names.
    • Added a name for Animated Object Animation chunks.
    • Added a name for Animated Object Factory chunks.
    • Added a name for Collision Wall chunks.
    • Added a name for Lens Flare chunks.
    • Renamed Breakable Drawable to Anim Obj Wrapper.
    • Renamed Breakable Drawable 2 to Anim Dyna Phys Wrapper.
    • Renamed Breakable World Prop to Dyna Phys.
    • Renamed Breakable World Prop 2 to Anim Dyna Phys.
    • Renamed Cube Shape to Road Data Segment.
    • Renamed Dynamic World Mesh to Anim Coll.
    • Renamed Explosion Effect Type to Breakable Object.
      • Renamed "Type" to "Index".
      • Renamed "Unknown" to "Count".
    • Renamed Car Camera Data to Follow Camera Data.
    • Renamed Ground Collision to Intersect.
    • Renamed Ground Collision 2 to Intersect Mesh.
    • Renamed Ground Collision 3 to Intersect Mesh 2.
    • Renamed Intersection Locator Node to Intersection.
      • Renamed "Start Intersection Locator Node" to "Start Intersection".
      • Renamed "End Intersection Locator Node" to "End Intersection".
    • Renamed Locator to Locator 3.
    • Renamed Locator 2 to Locator.
    • Renamed Locator 3 to Locator 2.
    • Renamed Locator 2 Matrix to Locator Matrix.
    • Renamed Old Particle System to Particle System Factory.
    • Renamed Particle Emitter Type to Inst Particle System.
    • Renamed Particle System 2 to Particle System.
    • Renamed Ped Node to Path.
    • Renamed Prop Instance List to Instance List.
    • Renamed Random Texture to Set.
    • Renamed Road Node to Road.
    • Renamed Road Node 2 to Road 2.
    • Renamed Road Node Segment to Road Segment.
      • Renamed Cube Shape to Road Data Segment.
    • Renamed Sector to Tree Node 2.
    • Renamed Sector Container to Tree Node.
      • Renamed Axis to Split Axis.
      • Renamed Position to Split Position
      • Renamed Static World Mesh Limit to Static Entity Limit.
      • Renamed Static World Prop Limit to Static Phys Entity Limit
      • Renamed Ground Collision Limit to Intersect Entity Limit
      • Renamed Characters, Cars and Breakable World Prop Limit to Dyna Phys Entity Limit.
      • Renamed Wall Collision Limit to Fence Entity Limit.
      • Renamed Road Node Segment Limit to Road Segment Entity Limit.
      • Renamed Ped Node Segment Limit to Path Segment Entity Limit.
      • Renamed World Mesh Limit to Anim Entity Limit.
    • Renamed Sector List to Tree.
      • Renamed World Bounds Maximum to Maximum.
      • Renamed World Bounds Minimum to Minimum.
    • Renamed Static Collisionless World Prop to Inst Stat Entity.
    • Renamed Static Mesh Collision to Static Phys.
    • Renamed Static World Mesh to Static Entity.
    • Renamed Static World Prop to Inst Stat Phys.
    • Renamed Trigger to Trigger Volume.
    • Renamed Trigger 2 to Trigger Volume 2.
    • Renamed Wall Collision to Fence 2.
    • Renamed Wall Collision Container to Fence.
    • Renamed World Effect to Particle System 2.
    • Renamed World Mesh to Anim.
    • Renamed World Sky to World Sphere.
    • Updated ATC.
      • Renamed "Unknown" to "Classtype Identifier".
      • Renamed "Unknown 2" to "ATC Entry".
  • Updated the Value Editor to support the following chunk types:
    • Animated Object Animation
    • Animated Object Factory
    • State Prop Callback Data
    • State Prop Event Data
    • State Prop Frame Controller Data
    • State Prop State Data V1

4.1.1 and Older

We did not adequately track changes on these versions.

Version History (Model XML Format Blender Add-on)


This update was released on June 28th, 2018.

  • Added compatibility for XML files that were exported from the Pure3D editor when a referenced Shader was missing.

1.1 and Older