Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher

This book documents all of the features, hacks and included mods that the Mod Launcher comes with.


What is the Mod Launcher? Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher is the tool at the heart of...

Mod Launcher Setup

1: Downloading the Mod Launcher The first step is to download the Mod Launcher. You can do this ...

Mod Launcher Settings

The launcher itself has several different settings that allow you to configure it. Additional Mo...

Included Hacks

This is a list of all the included Mod Launcher hacks and whether they are requirable, tickable a...

Included Mods

This is a list of all the Mod Launcher mods included with the Mod Launcher with descriptions of w...

Command Line Arguments

This is a table of the various command line arguments that the Mod Launcher supports. Command ...

Donut Team Account Integration

The mod launcher supports signing in to your Donut Team account to enable community features. Li...

Additional Script Functionality

61 Pages

About Additional Script Functionality
Additional Script Functionality Commands
Additional Script Functionality Objectives
Additional Script Functionality Conditions
CON Command: AddVehicleCharacter
CON Command: AddVehicleCharacterSuppressionCharacter
CON Command: SetConditionalParameter
CON Command: SetVehicleCharacterAnimation
CON Command: SetVehicleCharacterJumpOut
CON Command: SetVehicleCharacterScale
CON Command: SetVehicleCharacterVisible
MFK Command: AddCondTargetModel
MFK Command: AddObjTargetModel
MFK Command: AddStageVehicleCharacter
MFK Command: DisableTrigger
MFK Command: RemoveStageVehicleCharacter
MFK Command: ResetStageHitAndRun
MFK Command: SetCarChangeHitAndRunChange
MFK Command: SetCondDelay
MFK Command: SetCondDisplay
MFK Command: SetCondMessageIndex
MFK Command: SetCondSound
MFK Command: SetCondSpeedRangeKMH
MFK Command: SetCondThreshold
MFK Command: SetCondTotal
MFK Command: SetCondTrigger
MFK Command: SetHitAndRunDecayHitAndRun
MFK Command: SetHitAndRunFine
MFK Command: SetHUDMapDrawable
MFK Command: SetNoHitAndRunMusicForStage
MFK Command: SetObjCameraName / SetObjMulticontName
MFK Command: SetObjCanSkip
MFK Command: SetObjDecay
MFK Command: SetObjExplosion
MFK Command: SetObjMessageIndex
MFK Command: SetObjNoLetterbox
MFK Command: SetObjSound
MFK Command: SetObjSpeedKMH
MFK Command: SetObjThreshold
MFK Command: SetObjTotal
MFK Command: SetObjTrigger
MFK Command: SetObjUseCameraPosition
MFK Command: SetParkedCarsEnabled
MFK Command: SetPedsEnabled
MFK Command: SetStageAllowMissionCancel
MFK Command: SetStageCarChangeHitAndRunChange
MFK Command: SetStageCharacterModel
MFK Command: SetStageHitAndRun
MFK Command: SetStageHitAndRunDecay
MFK Command: SetStageHitAndRunDecayHitAndRun
MFK Command: SetStageHitAndRunDecayInterior
MFK Command: SetStageHitAndRunFine
MFK Command: SetStageNumChaseCars
MFK Command: SetStagePayout
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleNoDestroyedJumpOut
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleAllowSeatSlide
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleCharacterAnimation
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleCharacterJumpOut
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleCharacterScale
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleCharacterVisible
MFK Command: SetStageVehicleReset

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