Function: GetSettings


Get the value of all of the settings of the a mod returned as a table.


GetSettings( [<mod_name>] )
  • mod_name: The mod you want to get setting values from. Optional, defaults to the mod that called the function.


-- Get settings of the current mod
local Settings = GetSettings()

-- Get settings of another mod
local Settings = GetSettings("AnotherMod")


When returning the value of MultipleChoice settings this function is 1 based instead of 0 based like the older GetSetting function.

-- To demonstrate, here's an example.
-- For this example, let's assume that the Difficulty setting is on the first Option.

-- Difficulty would be 0
local Difficulty = GetSetting("Difficulty")

-- Settings.Difficulty would be 1
local Settings = GetSettings()



  • Added this command.

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