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Version 21.4

This update was pushed to live on August 21st, 2021.


  • Moved the website to forum.donutteam.com.
    • All existing links should still work via backwards compatibility logic coded into the new about site.
  • Updated the site's favicon.
  • Changed the page title separator from " - " to " | " for consistency with other Donut Team sites.


  • Added the team's founding year, 2013, to the copyright date in the site's footer.
  • Changed the logo in the upper left corner of the site to read "DT Forum".
  • Changed the navigation bar links.
    • Removed Downloads.
    • Added Tools, Mods, Mod Resources and Games.
  • Changed the footer links.
    • They are largely the same except they all link to the new pages on the main donutteam.com instead.

Page Specific Changes

  • Changed the page title for the forum's homepage from "Community Home" to "Home".
  • Removed the "Community Forum" link from the forum's sidebar.
  • Removed the homepage.
  • Updated the site's 404 page slightly.
  • Made it so the bans-on-record banner on user profiles is only visible to moderators and above.


  • Changed how Donut Bot loads welcome messages to un-tie them from website updates.
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