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Version 1.12.1

This update was released on November 7th, 2015.



Fixed a bug where if "Close Launcher" was ticked and the Console window was closed while hack support was still initialising, the mod launcher would close.

Main Window

Fixed a bug where the main window would remain disabled if the game was terminated while showing a window modal to the main window.

Mods List

Made it so the "Compile" right click menu item will no longer show up in a category that doesn't support compilable mods.

Launcher Settings

  • made it so the "Advanced" tab has a scrollbar if you resize the window small enough.
  • Made it so the "Licenses" tab only shows licenses for the hacks that are currently loaded.
    • Meaning if you remove every hack that used a particular license from the Hacks folder, the license will no longer appear here.

Mod Features

Removed the MinifyArt and MinifyScripts properties of the [Compile] section because they were broken.


Custom Files

Lua Scripting

Fixed a bug where using GetSetting on an Integer type Number setting would return a number.

Flippable Cars

Added a setting for whether or not Chase cars can flip over since the game does not reset these cars. This is disabled by default.

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