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Debug Text

This document is a work-in-progress and may be missing information.

This is a developer hack that can be enabled on the "Developer" page of the Mods List.

This hack displays various debugging information via a series of pages that can be navigated with the R and T keys (or Shift+R and Shift+T for subpages).


Mods can customise the font Debug Text uses by loading a Texture Font chunk named DebugText.




Registered by Hack Support

"hacks" Page

This page shows which hacks are enabled.

It also shows how many times they patched the game if you're using the -testing command line argument.

"shared hacks" Page

This page is only available with the -testing.


"hack events" Page

This page is only available with the -testing.


"mods" Page

This page shows what mods and mod hacks are enabled.

"keybinds" Page

This page shows what keybinds exist, what bindings they have and whether or not they're currently being pressed and whether or not they're being ignored.

"mods" Page

This page lists all currently loaded mods and mod hacks.

Registered by Custom Audio Support


Registered by Custom Trigger Actions

This hack registers a mode that shows all registered conditions. While ingame, it also shows whether or not they're currently met.

Registered by Video Texture Support


Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.

Version History


  • Fixed an issue where the "×" symbol in the title of the "Graphics > Allow Textures Larger Than 2048 × 2048" setting was the wrong character in some non-unicode system locales.
    • For example, it appeared as "Ч" in Russian.
  • Added a new "walker cam" page.



Added a list of cars that will be removed the next time they're off screen to both the "cars" and "mission" pages.

"mission" Page

  • Made it so this page now shows which stages have checkpoints and which stage is currently the active checkpoint.
  • Changed "active" to "current" when indicating what stage you're currently on.
  • Made it so this page now shows the current state of a stage.
    • A stage's state can be "active", "completed" or "failed".
    • A stage's state can also be nothing.
  • Made it so this page now shows what stage vehicles are being manipulated in each stage.
    • This shows what locator and AI the vehicle is being added and/or activated with.
  • Made it so this page now shows a list of every stage vehicle used in the mission.
    • This list shows whether or not the vehicle is currently in the world.
    • This list also shows the driver of the vehicle and also whether or not the driver is in the world.
    • Cars are removed from this list when the mission is done using them.


Renamed the -debugtextmode command line argument to -debugtextpage to be more consistent with the hack's settings.

The old is still supported for backwards compatibility.


"cars" Page

Added information about husks.


"anim entities" Page

Added this new page. This shows "D arrow anims", "W arrow anims", "Anims", "Anim colls", "Multi controllers" and "State props".


"position" Page

Made this page show all action buttons the player is in with "(main)" after the main one (the one you can interact with) instead of just showing the main one.


"AI cars" Page

Added this page.

"car physics objects" Page

Added this page.

"fences" Page

Fixed an issue introduced in 1.23.2 where switching to this page broke anything that was one-sided.

Frame Limiter

Fixed an issue where mission loading screens (used when selecting a mission or starting one) were considered menus instead of loading screens.



  • Added a "keyboards" page, a "mice" page and a "steering wheels" page to a new "controllers" group.
  • Moved the "gamepads" page to the new "controllers" group.

"fences" Page

Fixed a bug where this page didn't set the cull mode before rendering the fences (causing the fences to only be visible from one side in some cases).

"mission" Page

Fixed a crash when a stage condition is null (which will crash the game when reaching the stage).

"music" Page

Fixed a crash when using the game's "MUTE" command line argument (which is enabled by the new No Audio mod).



Added a new "gamepads" debug mode.



  • Made debug class names cleaner. For example ".?AVVehicle@@" will now show up as "class Vehicle".
  • Added a -debugtextmode command line argument. This can be used to launch the game with a specific debug mode enabled.
  • Added a -noscaledebugtext command line argument. This disables the debug text being scaled according to the size of the window.
  • Made the debug text scale down to fit the screen.
    • Also added a -nofitdebugtext command line argument to disable this.
  • Made it so pages that are not built in are grouped by what Mod/Hack added them.
    • Grouped pages can be cycled by holding Shift+T/Shift+R.
    • Also added a -nodebugtextgroups command line argument to disable this.
  • Made the "traffic" and "road segments" pages show intersections as blue spheres in the world as well as their names.
  • Removed the "root tree node and animated icons" page and moved its contents to the "tree" and "miscellaneous" pages respectively.

"miscellaneous" Page

  • Added "Action buttons" to show the amount of action buttons that exist out of the maximum.
  • Added "Playing sound clip players" and "Playing sound stream players" which show the current amounts out of the maximums.

"cars" Page

  • Added "Parked car count" to show how many parked cars currently exist.
  • Moved the listed traffic cars to the "traffic" page.

"mission" Page

  • Now shows "Time" in stages with a timer. This is shown in milliseconds.
  • Now shows the current time and duration on "timer" objectives in milliseconds.

"traffic" Page

  • Added "Count" to show the amount of traffic cars currently in existence out of the maximum.
  • Added "In-car limit" to show what the in-car limit is currently set to.
  • Added "Group" to show what traffic group is currently in use.
  • Added a list of all models in the current traffic group with the current amount of each one out of their maximum.
  • Added a list of all current traffic cars and whether or not they're active (in the world).

"music" Page

Fixed a crash when viewing this page when the current region had multiple layers in it.

"paths" Page

  • Made this page only show the models of the current ped group and not show an "x" after each count.
  • Made this page show characters and which ones are in use.


"gags" Page

Added this page. It lists all the current gags (the outside ones or the ones for the current interior) and whether or not they're loading/loaded. It also shows their joint positions in the world.



Added a "world spheres" Page that shows information about any currently loaded World Spheres and their respective Lens Flares (if applicable).

"cars" Page

Added "Parked cars enabled" to show if parked cars are currently enabled.

"paths" Page

  • Added "Enabled" to show if pedestrians are currently enabled.
  • Added "Group" to show the currently selected ped group.
  • Added information about all the ped groups that exist.



  • Made Ctrl+C copy the current page text to clipboard.
    • Also added "Allow Copying with Ctrl+C" to the "Advanced" tab of the hacks settings to disable that.

"actors" Page

Added this page.

"cams" Page

Made this page exclude null cameras.

"characters" Paege

Added this page.

"intersects" Page

Made this page not say "Y: " before the Y and "Z: " before the Z of "Intersect triangle pos 3".

"loaded characters" Page

Added this page.

"missions" Page

Made this page exclude null missions.

"mission" Page

  • Made this page show "null" for null objectives instead of crashing.
    • This is helpful for debugging in the event the stage's objective is not getting added.

"traffic" Page

Made this page render the segments of the road the car is currently on (and the previous roads segments if the car is on an intersection).

"triggers" Page

  • Made this page include the type number of locators in brackets after the type name.
  • Made sphere triggers render as spheres now instead of boxes.


"states and actions" Page

  • Added " (no wait)" after actions that their set does not wait for.
  • Added "Walker locomotion action time", "Walker locomotive action next idle animation time" and "Walker locomotive action can play idle animation"

"lights" page

Removed "enabled" for lights and made disabled lights instead show " (disabled)" after them.


"lights" page

Added this page.



  • Moved to the new "Developer" page.
  • Added settings that allow you to configure the look and feel of the hack and which pages are visible.
  • Fixed lag on the "dyna phys" and "static phys" pages while loading.
  • Made the hack work during movies.
  • Made the hack use Radical's official chunk names.
    • You can revert to the old names by using the new "Use Legacy Names" setting on the Advanced tab of the hack's settings.
  • Made the "car joints" and "character joints" pages show the joints in the world instead of listing them.
  • Made the hack check for a font called "DebugText" and use that if it exists.

"car matrix" Page

Added this page.

"memory" Page

Added this page with information on a few different heaps.

"music" Page

Added this page with various information about the currently loaded RMS files.

"regions" Page

Made this page also show the current and loaded interior.

"road segments" Page

Added this page that draws road segments in the world with names.

"root tree node and animated icons" Page

  • Fixed a crash when going to this page when not ingame or while loading.
  • Made "Animated icons" work outside the Release English version of the game.

"traffic" Page

Made "Contact car traffic locomotion AI segment" now include the road segment name in brackets.

"triggers" Page

Made this page list triggers the player is in and show triggers as boxes with names in the world.


Added this hack.

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