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Version 4.0-PB2

This update was released on April 1st, 2019.


  • Changed "Developed by Donut Team" to "Created by Donut Team" in the credits.
  • Fixed a Lua execution error on startup with certain builds of the game.
  • Replaced all instances of "SIMPSON'S" in text with "SIMPSONS'".


Main Menu

  • Added a new sprite for the set of 3 collector cards in the scrapbook.
  • Moved the scrapbook level select arrows further apart.

Loading Screen

Fixed an issue where the loading bar was not hidden when switching between missions in the same level.

Level 1


  • Added collision to the small light fixtures in the new areas of the power plant.
  • Moved one of the power plant doors to actually be on the wall.

Mission 7

Added drivers to the surveillance vans.

Taxi Mission

Added a new route featuring Monkey Man.

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