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Version 1.23.5

This update was released on September 7th, 2019.


Mods List

  • Made holding the Shift key when right clicking on one or more mods cause the OutputPath property in their [Compile] section(s) to be ignored.
    • This results in an ellipsis on the "Compile" button and also forces a browse dialog to ask you where to compile the mod(s) to.

Launcher Settings

  • Made it so settings that are not set to their default values are shown in bold.
  • Made it so you can reset settings by right clicking them and clicking "Reset".
    • You can also right click on groups or the entire page (only the background, not the tab) to reset them as well.

Mod Features

  • Added support for minifying XML files when compiling mods.
    • This defaults to enabled for non-decompilable mods.
    • Also added the MinifyXMLs property to the [Compile] section to opt in or out of this.


Hack Support

Made crashes in the hack window procedure event save a crash dump before terminating the game.

Additional Script Functionality

Added the SetCollectibleSoundEffect command to set the sound effect used when picking up a collectible in delivery, dump or race objectives.

Cheat Keys

  • Made Shift+F4 to spawn a car not work when getting into a car.
  • Made Shift+F4 to spawn a car not work during a forced car mission.
  • Added -forceallowcheatkeys to opt out of the above two changes as well as a bunch of other safety checks including those added in Version 1.15.

Console and Logging

  • Added settings to include timestamps in the console and/or in log files.
  • Added a setting to include categories ([GAME], [MOD] or [HACK]) in the console and log files.

Custom Traffic Support

Fixed a bug where parked car models didn't seem to get added if AllocatedCars was set to anything other than 5.

Hover Car Refraction

Added a description to this hack.

Resizable Window

Made it so crashes in the resizing timer callback save a crash dump before terminating the game.

Sphere Maps

Added a description to this hack.

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