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Debug Test

This document is a work-in-progress and may be missing information.

This is a developer hack that can be enabled on the "Developer" page of the Mods List.

This hack contains various experimental features.



Other Features


Version History


Graphics Page

  • Renamed "Allow Textures Larger Than 2048 x 2048" to "Allow Textures Larger Than 2048 × 2048".
    • The only change is replacing the letter "x" with a multiplication symbol (×).
  • Added the "No Mirror Depth Clear" setting.

Vehicles Page

Added the "In Air Comedy Cam" setting.


Fixed a conflict between Additional Script Functionality and Debug Test when the "Menus > Pause Menu > Pause Always Allowed" setting was enabled.


Made non-ingame messages support language localisation.



  • Made it only check if the "H" key is down once each frame instead of once for every possible collision.
  • Made it only check if the "H" key is down when the game window is focused.
  • Made the vehicle controller used when possessing vehicles with the 8 key only get the key states once each frame.
    • Did you know about this feature? We didn't.
  • Made possessing vehicles with the 8 key still use their old controller when not accelerating or steering, not switch them to in-car physics until accelerating or steering and take traffic cars off rails when not accelerating or steering.
    • No seriously, Lucas found out he did this recently. I wonder what other secrets there are...
    • Loren should really document Debug Test sometime.

Graphics Page

  • Added "Software Vertex Processing".
  • Added "Flip > X", "Flip > Y", "Flip > Z" and "Flip > Cull Mode" to flip the viewport in wacky ways.

Vehicles Page

  • Added "Air Vent Force". Now your car can soar like a candy wrapper in an updraft.
    • This suppresses the new "Vehicles > No Air Vent Audio" feature of Bug Fixes if the force is not 0.
  • Added "Override Maximum Traffic".
  • Added "No Load Properties" to disable the game loading CON files.
    • Also added "Set Up Vehicle Handling" and "Create Driver" to make the game do some initialization stuff it would've done if it loaded the CON file.
  • Removed the limit of 5 on "Vehicles > Road Nodes > Maximum Cars".

Miscellaneous Page

  • Added "Gravity" settings. Far out!
    • Screen might go blue if you set some of these numbers the wrong way. No warranty included.
  • Added "Heaps > No Temp Heap".
  • Moved "Use Tracking Heaps" into the new "Heaps" group.


Graphics Page

Removed "Anti-aliasing".

Vehicles Page

Fixed an issue where "Target Player > Traffic" did not work in the Best Sellers Series version of the game.

Miscellaneous Page

Fixed a mistake where "Delta Time" was mislabeled to as "Substeps" (a different concept).



Renamed the "Sky" page to "World Spheres".

Menus Page

Removed "No Camera Animations" in the "Main Menu" section.

World Spheres Page

Added "Activate Dynamic World Spheres" as a setting instead of forcing it when this hack was enabled.

Miscellaneous Page

  • Removed "Allow Cancel Initial Walk".
  • Removed "No Go To Objective Camera Focus".



Removed the F9 dialog to list all entered triggers.

Menus Page

Made "Main Menu" > "No Glow Hide" work in the demo version of the game even though this version skips the Main Menu entirely.

Graphics Page

  • Added "No Texture/Alpha Operations/Arguments".
  • Added "PDDI Windowed".
  • Added "No Force Back-faces".
  • Removed "Lens Flare".

Speedometer Page

Made "Use Miles Per Hour" and "Show Units" work in the demo version of the game.

Vehicles Page

  • Added "Lisa Y Offset".
  • Made "Target Player" work in game versions other than Release English.

Sky Page

Made "Scale" and "Position" work in game versions other than Release English.

Miscellaneous Page

  • Made "Cursor" > "Show Windows Cursor" work in game versions other than Release English.
  • Made "No Splash Screen Loading" work in the demo version.



Moved to the new "Developer" page.

Menus Page

  • Removed "Force Mission Select Level Reload".
  • Removed "No Cursor Until Mouse Move".

Graphics Page

Added "Default Resolution". This allows you to configure the default resolution of the game window before the game loads your settings.

Debug Page

  • Removed "Ignore Suppressed Drivers".
  • Removed "Starting Coins".

Vehicles Page

Added "No Destroyed Car Jump Out".

Audio Page

  • Added "Force Level RMS". This setting allows you to force a specific level's RMS file to always be loaded/used.
  • Added "No Pause Audio Fade".

Miscellaneous Page

  • Added "Disable Window Ghosting".
  • Added "No Handle File Not Found".
  • Added "Use Camera Position".
  • Added "No Animated Camera Letterbox".
  • Added "Use Tracking Heaps".
  • Removed "No Suppressed Drivers" (yes, there were two of these settings).


  • Made the K Key reload the music RMS file and trigger an event named "Test" if it exists.
  • Made Shift+F10 fail the first condition of the active stage (if the stage has any conditions).


  • Added "No Cursor Until Mouse Move" in the Menus tab.
  • Added "No Suppressed Drivers" in the Miscellaneous tab.


Added this hack.

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