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Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Map Builder is a tool that allows you to build custom maps for The Simpsons Hit & Run. While not the main purpose, it can also build cars and state props.

This is a command line tool that is powered by XML Rules files that define input files and how to output their contents.

The primary input file format is currently SketchUp files (.skp) created with SketchUp Make 2016 or 2017.

The tool includes a large array of base rules as well as special components for use in Input SketchUp Models.


This tool is not yet available.

Getting Started

For structured tutorials on how to use the tool, check out the All Tutorials page.

For in depth details regarding SketchUp models, see All Group Tags and Special Components.

For in depth details regarding the tool's XML format, see All Elements and Predefined Variables.

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