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Version 3.1.5

This update was released on September 15th, 2015.

Original Text

This is the original text of the changelog from this TXT file.

  • Rewards / Vehicles
    • Nuclear Bus
      • Deleted unused meshes.
      • Changed car camera index to 110, as stated in CustomCarSupport.
        • This being incorrect might have caused problems but we don't know for sure.
  • Levels
    • L3
      • Added a new Bonus Car.
  • Missions
    • L1M3
      • Stability improvements.
    • L3M7
      • Adjusted Bart's locator.
      • Fixed screwy cutscene camera when talking to Bart.
    • L3BM1
      • Fixed Lisa and Skinner's position so they're actually at the beach and not at the Noiseland Arcade.
        • Fixes an issue where the cutscene would take place in a unloaded region.
    • L3SR3
      • Added more death triggers to block off the Duff Brewery.
  • Other
    • Dropped the old list of categories and replaced them with simply "Total Conversion Mods".
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