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Locator (0x3000005)

This document is a work-in-progress and may be missing information.

This Chunk


A locator is a versatile chunk type whose primary feature is containing a location in the world and depending on the type, one or more Trigger Volumes and potentially even other chunk types.




Type 0 (Event Locator)

Used to trigger various types of events in the game.

See Event Locator Events for more information.

Type 1 (Script Locator)


Type 2 (Locator)

Used to position Wasp Cameras, gag models and gag triggers. This type of locator has no effect unless it's referenced by a script.

Gag triggers are different from most Trigger Volumes in that they're created dynamically at runtime instead of being in a P3D file.

Type 3 (Car Start Locator)

Used to position cars, characters and other miscellaneous things in scripts and missions.

Type 4 (Spline Locator)


Type 5 (Zone Event Locator)

Executes the DynaLoad data string specified inside its chunk when the player enters one if its Trigger Volumes.

Type 6 (Occlusion Locator)


Type 7 (Interior Entrance Locator)


Type 8 (Directional Locator)

Used to position the player when they enter an interior.

Type 9 (Action Event Locator)

Used to create various "action buttons" in the world that the player triggers either by pressing action on them or by entering the trigger. These are used for collectibles such as wrenches and collector cards as well as skin shops. They can also be used to control animated world objects in various ways.

See Action Event Locator Types for more info.

Type 10 (FOV Locator)


Type 11

Unused type.

Type 12 (Static Cam Locator)


Type 13 (Ped Group Locator)

Changes the active Ped Group to the one specified inside it when the player enters its Trigger Volumes.

Type 14

When this type of locator is loaded, the game will place a coin at its position.

Type 15 (Spawn Point)

Spawns a Wasp Camera when the player enters its Trigger Volume.

This type of locator and its associated trigger volume are created dynamically at runtime at the position of the Type 2 Locator given to the AddSpawnPointByLocatorScript command.


The names on this page are the official names Radical gave to these locator types. These are derived from the game's Run-Time Type Information.

Child Chunks

Trigger Volume (0x3000006)


Locator (0x3000005)


Trigger Volumes are rectangular or spherical volumes.

These have a wide array of uses depending upon the type of locator they're inside and typically either cause something to happen when they're entered or allow the player to press a button to do something when inside them.



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