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Path / PathReversed

These tags create Paths.

These are used to spawn pedestrians and allows them to walk around.


To use this group tag, you must first Include any of the following XML files:

  • Zone.xml

Then you must execute any of the following ModelOutputInstructions on the tagged group or a group containing it:

  • BaseZone
    • Recommended.
  • Entities
    • Not recommended.
  • Paths
    • Not recommended.


GroupName [Path]
GroupName [PathReversed]

These two tags build the same chunk type, the latter just reverses the order of the points.

Group Structure

These tags should be applied to a group containing a series of interconnected lines wherein the lines form a complete shape. There should be no more than 32 points in this line.


This is an example of the simple group structure required for this tag:

path group structure

This is an example of the actual contents of that group:

path group contents

Other Tags

There are no other other tags that can be used with this tag to configure it further.

Version History


Initial release.

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