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Custom Car Support

This hack must be required by a mod to be enabled.

This hack adds support for registering custom cars and adjusting parameters on existing ones.

Requiring This Hack

To require this hack, add this line to your mod's Meta.ini:


Your mod must provide a configuration file when requiring this hack.

Configuring This Hack

To configure this hack, create a file named CustomCarSupport.ini and add the parameters necessary for your mod inside it.

; [CARNAME] Section: Section for the car, replace CARNAME accordingly.
	; Index
		; Set the index for this car.
		; This is used for the car camera data chunks in the car's P3D file.
		; Custom cars can use indices 97 through 255.
	; Abductable 
		; Sets whether or not a car can be abducted by the UFO.
		; Defaults to 0 for certain base game cars or if Invincible is 1.
	; NoHusk 
		; Sets whether the car will leave a husk behind or not when it explodes.
	; NoSkidMarks
		; Sets whether or not show all the skid marks.
	; NoFrontSkidMarks 
		; Sets whether or not to show the front skid marks.
	; ShadowVisible 
		; Sets whether or not to show the shadow.
	; Recolourable 
		; Sets whether or not to allow the vehicle to be recoloured (only works for Traffic Vehicles).
		; Defaults to 1 for certain base game traffic vehicles as well as if IsHusk is 1.
	; PreviewScale 
		; Set the scale of the car in car shops and the phonebooth (if 3DPhoneBoothPreviewSupport).
		; Defaults to 1.
	; NoBumperCam
		; Sets whether or not the bumper cam can be used in this car.
		; Defaults to 1 for dune_v and 0 for every other car.
	; Husk 
		; Sets the husk for this car.
		; The target car should have IsHusk set to 1!
		; Defaults to huskA.
	; IsHusk
		; Sets whether or not this car is a husk.
		; Defaults to 1 for huskA and 0 for every other car.
	; BackWheelSparks
		; Sets whether or not sparks emit from the back wheels of this car.
		; Defaults to 1 if IsHusk is 1.
	; Invincible
		; Sets whether or not this car can take damage and be destroyed.
		; Defaults to 1 if IsHusk is 1.
; Notes
	; Various defaults vary from vehicle to vehicle.

; These are the defaults for the Family Sedan (famil_v).

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.

Version History


  • Added the NoBumperCam property.
    • This just disables the bumper cam for a given car, like how the RC Car does by default.
  • Made it so this hack only patches the game code for the specific functionality being used by the currently loaded mods.
  • Added the Husk property.
    • This specifies what car should be used as this vehicle's husk when it explodes.
    • The vehicle used for this property should be marked as a husk using the IsHusk property below.
  • Added the IsHusk property.
    • This marks a car as being a husk, giving it certain special properties that the charred husk has by default.
  • Added the BackWheelSparks property.
    • This makes a vehicle's back wheels emit sparks like how the charred husk does by default.
  • Added the Invincible property.
    • This makes it impossible to destroy the vehicle.


  • Added the -nocarindexmapping command line argument. This disables the hack re-mapping car indices.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Car Camera Data index remapping from working for cars loaded from a Mod's Resources folder (and possibly other locations).


Added the PreviewScale property. This allows you to set a custom scale for the car when it's in a car shop.


Custom car indices (indices from 97 onwards) are now per mod and automagically remapped as necessary at runtime.


Added this hack.

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