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Version 1.15

This update was released on September 20th, 2016.


version 1.15 release banner



  • Fixed an issue caused by unicode characters in INI files.
  • Made the Mod Launcher check to see if the game executable you selected is supported after browsing for one.

Main Window

Removed the "Mods" tickbox.

Launcher Settings

  • Added the "Game Visual Style" settings on the "Advanced" page.
  • Added the "Game DPI Aware" setting on the "Advanced" page.
  • Added the "Ignore Game Compatibility Layers" setting on the "Advanced" page.

Mod Features

  • Added Text type settings.
  • Added a Text property for MultipleChoice type settings.
  • Added a NoReset property for [Setting] sections.


Hack Support

  • Fixed issues with making the game DPI aware.
  • Now adds the title of the current main mod to the Game window title if one is enabled.

No Introduction Movies

Removed this mod as it has been replaced by a hack that does the same thing.


Aspect Ratio Support

Added this new hack. This adds proper support for aspect ratios other than 4:3.

Bug Fixes

Added this new hack. This adds various toggleable bug fixes.

Cheat Keys

  • Improved the handling of whether or not the player is in a vehicle.
  • Improved the handling of the player's rotation when standing on movable objects such as platforms or cars.
  • Made the various keys only work when Alt is not being pressed.
  • Made the 0 key fully reset your Hit & Run instead of just depleting the meter.

Custom Limits

Added support for changing the maximum amount of Regions.

No Introduction Movies

Added this new hack to replace the old mod.


Made this hack into a mod hack instead of it being always enabled. It still defaults to enabled.


Removed this hack as it has been succeeded by Aspect Ratio Support.

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