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NVIDIA Highlights

This is a setting hack that can be enabled on the "Settings" page of the Mods List.

This hack adds support for NVIDIA Highlights to the game.

You can press F11 to view highlights.

When highlights are saved are configured through the highlights menu.


Delete Unsaved On Exit

Set whether or not to delete unsaved highlights when exiting the game.

Defaults to Enabled.

Open Highlights When Returning To Main Menu

Set whether or not to open the highlights menu when returning to the main menu.

Defaults to Enabled.

Version History


Made this hack not get loaded by the Mod Launcher if GfeSFK.dll inexplicably doesn't exist in the Mod Launcher's DLLs folder.


Added a -nocrashhighlight command line argument that completely disables the type of highlight used when the game crashes.


Updated the description of this hack.


Added a new "Air Vent" type of highlight. This is disabled by default because your air vent trick shots are not cool.


Added this hack.

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