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Virtual File System

This hack has a virtual file system where various folders are mounted for easy access.

Mount Points

This hack various mount points within its virtual file system.


Allows access to files within the game's install directory (not including within RCF files) and within the "CustomFiles" folder of any enabled mod.


Allows direct access to the game's install directory (bypassing any "CustomFiles" folders).


Allows access to the folder of any enabled mod via it's InternalName.


Allows access to the current saved games directory.This could be the game directory if no main mod is enabled (depending on the user's Always Keep Saved Games Separate setting) or the main mod's saved games directory within the launcher's saved games directory if a main mod is enabled.


Allows access to the screenshots directory (or the folder inside the screenshots directory for the current main mod if a main mod is enabled).


Allows access to the folder containing "simpsons.ini". This may be the same as "/GameData/" depending on the user's Keep Game Settings Separate setting.

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