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Version 1.22.3

This update was released on April 11th, 2019.



  • Added a -noasyncwebrequests command line argument to make it so all web requests are not asynchronous.
  • Fixed a crash on startup when using Wine (and not using "-noappid").
  • Made it so the URL specified for the -apiurl command line argument gets changed from "https://" to "http://" when SSL isn't available from the usage of "-nossl" (or "-nocurl" on Windows XP) even if it's specified after it.
    • In previous versions, "-nossl" or "-nocurl" had to be specified first.

Account Integration

  • Added a -account command line argument to launch the Mod Launcher directly into the account window.
  • Made it possible to close the account window while authenticating to cancel the authentication.
  • Made it so your token gets reset after showing the "Your account's token has changed. You will need to re-enter the new one or login using your account details." message.
  • Removed the prompt before showing the account window on first launch and made the account window say "Skip" instead of "Close" when shown on first launch.


This version introduces one new language string that language packs will need to be updated to include. This is the new "Skip" button that now appears on the Account Window on first launch.

A new template language (Template_1.22.3.xml) was published on this page including this new language string at the end of the file.

Mod Features

Made compiling an encrypted mod not require loading all the data of the mod to memory.



Fixed an issue with the new virtual filesystem where all files that were on a non-NTFS formatted drive (which is common with removable drives which often use FAT32 or exFAT) would fail to load causing a file not found error.

If you were using "-legacyfilesystem" to work around this issue, you should be able to safely remove it now for improved performance.

Hack Support

  • Made it so certain types of crash (access violation, breakpoint and invalid instruction) show the type in the crash message.
    • Access violations also show if it was attempting to read or write as well as the address attempting to be read or written to.

Additional Script Functionality

Made triggers disabled with "DisableTrigger" in two or more subsequent stages stay disabled between the stages.

Debug Checks

Fixed a bug where disabling "Combine Zone Tree Node Exceeded Messages" didn't do anything.

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