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Version 4.0-L2PB6

This update was released on February 29th, 2020.


The Anniversary Update


  • Added new Anniversary Skin Shops that appear during the month of March.
    • These allow you to wear costumes from earlier versions of the mod.
    • Level 1 has 5 costumes from Donut Mod 2 and Donut Mod 3.
    • Level 2 has 2 costumes from Donut Mod 3.
  • Made it so Christmas Skin Shops are available for the entire month of December instead of just until the 25th.
  • Added a new setting to disable holiday skin shops.
    • This allows you to opt out of the Christmas and Anniversary Skin Shops.
  • Made internal changes to the way event skin shops and collector card locators are loaded.
  • Re-added MACCA to the mod's credits as a former Quality Assurance member.
  • Added Proddy and EnAppelsin to the mod's credits for their Lua P3D library.


Changed the color of the spinning light on the background of the loading screen to make it more visible.

Level 1

Mission 1

Removed Agnes from Skinner's car.

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