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Version 1.13

This update was released on January 7th, 2016.


Mods List

  • Added "Show Newest File" to the right click menu of mods.
  • Added the ability to compile mods that do not have an OutputPath property in their Compile section.
  • Changed the copyright year of the Mod Launcher to 2016.
  • Fixed a bug where an error message would appear after launching the game with the Mod Launcher's "-launch" command line argument.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when attempting to load non-UTF-8, non-ANSI Lua files.
  • Improved crash dump saving.

Mod Info

  • Fixed a bug when combining authors with notes for the information box when multiple mods are selected.
  • Made headers bold.
  • Made the zoom level get saved.

Mod Settings

  • Made warnings only appear if the previous value didn't meet the warning condition.
  • Unchanged mod settings are no longer stored.

Mod Features

  • Added the Group property to [Author] sections. This allows you to group authors together.
  • Added the Page and Group properties to [Setting] sections. This allows you to organise your mod settings into pages and groups.
  • Added the UncompiledOnly property to [Setting] sections. This will remove the setting when compiling the mod.
  • Made [SettingWarning] sections work for all types of settings.
  • Re-added for MinifyArt in the [Compile] section.


Hack Support

Made the game support DPIs other than 96.

Custom Dialogue Character Codes

Added support for Nongeneric Characters.

Custom Files

Lua Scripting

  • Added several previously inaccessible Lua provided functions.
    • assert
    • collectgarbage
    • debug.debug
    • debug.gethook
    • debug.getlocal
    • debug.getmetatable
    • debug.getregistry
    • debug.getupvalue
    • debug.getuservalue
    • debug.sethook
    • debug.setlocal
    • debug.setmetatable
    • debug.setupvalue
    • debug.setuservalue
    • debug.upvaluejoin
    • getmetatable
    • math.maxinteger
    • math.mininteger
    • math.tointeger
    • math.type
    • math.ult
    • os.setlocale
    • rawequal
    • rawget
    • rawlen
    • rawset
    • setmetatable
    • string.dump
    • string.pack
    • string.packsize
    • string.unpack
    • table.concat
    • table.move
    • table.pack
  • Fixed a bug where IsModEnabled returned false for mod hacks.
  • Made GetSetting return nil instead of throwing an error if a setting doesn't exist. Mod creators should do checks for nil on UncompiledOnly settings.
  • Updated math.random to support integers.

Cheat Keys

Made keys only work once for each key press.

Frame Limiter

Made this hack default to being ticked as the game has issues of varying severity at frame rates above or below a certain range (the game runs best at 60 FPS).

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