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This Element

This type of element allows you to define rules for handling materials on an InputSketchUpModel.

<MaterialRules Name="World">
	<!-- Selector elements go here -->
  • Name: The name of these rules to be referenced by other elements.

Child Elements


This type of element is used directly inside MaterialRules elements to select a material by name using regex patterns.

<MaterialRules Name="World">
    <!-- Select the materials named "prop_phonebooth_smoke" or "prop_shadow" -->
    <Selector Pattern="^(?:prop_phonebooth_smoke|prop_shadow)$" Exclusive="true">
        <!-- Parameter elements go here -->
  • Pattern: The regex pattern to use to match the name of the material / group.
  • Exclusive: Exclusively apply the rules in this Selector once the group is matched.
  • ForceOverride: Force the rules in this Selector to be applied regardless of exclusivity.


These elements are used inside Selector elements to set parameters for a specific material or materials.

<MaterialRules Name="World">
    <Selector Pattern="^(?:prop_phonebooth_smoke|prop_shadow)$" Exclusive="true">
        <!-- Set the blend mode of the selected materials to Subtractive -->
        <Parameter Name="BlendMode" Value="Subtractive"/>
  • Name: The name of the parameter.
    • AlphaTest: Set whether or not the material uses alpha test.
      • Defaults to false.
    • Animation: Set the name of a TextureAnimation to use on this material.
    • BlendMode: Set the blend mode of the material.
      • None
        • Default.
      • Alpha
      • Additive
      • Subtractive
    • EnvironmentMapTextureName: Set the environment map Texture name.
      • Defaults to no enviroment map.
    • EnvironmentMapRed: Set the red color value of the environment map.
      • Defaults to 255.
    • EnvironmentMapGreen: Set the green color value of the environment map.
      • Defaults to 255.
    • EnvironmentMapBlue: Set the blue color value of the environment map.
      • Defaults to 255.
    • Lighting: Set whether or not the material will have dynamic lighting.
      • Defaults to false.
    • Name: Set the name of the material.
      • Defaults to the name specified in SketchUp.
    • Opacity: Sets the opacity of every vertex in every face this material is used on.
      • From 0 to 1.
      • Defaults to 1 (effectively).
    • Set: Replace this material's texture with a Set.
    • TexturePath: Set the path to a texture to replace this material's texture with.
    • TwoSided: Set whether or not the material is two-sided.
    • UVMode: Set the UV mode of the material.
      • Tile
        • Default.
      • Clamp
  • Value: The value of the parameter.


  • When building P3D files, Materials ultimately become Shaders. Many of the parameters set here directly correspond to ones that can be found in P3D files.
  • These parameters can use values selected inside the regex given to the the parent Selector element.

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