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This document is a work-in-progress and may be missing information.

This tag is used to create Roads.

These are used by AI cars to navigate the world as well as the game's navigation system.


To use this group tag, you must first Include any of the following XML files:

  • Zone.xml

Then you must execute any of the following ModelOutputInstructions on the tagged group or a group containing it:

  • BaseZone
    • Recommended.
  • Entities
    • Not recommended.
  • Paths
    • Not recommended.


<RoadName> [SimpleRoad] [<StartIntersection>] [<EndIntersection>] [<MaxTraffic>] [<Lanes>] [<Width>]
  • RoadName: The name of this road.
  • StartIntersection: The name of the Intersection this road starts at.
  • EndIntersection: The name of the Intersection this road ends at.
  • MaxTraffic: The maximum amount of traffic cars that can be on this road at a time.
    • Use 0 to make a road that does not spawn traffic.
  • Lanes: The amount of lanes this road will be divided into.
  • Width: The width of the road in meters.

Group Structure

This tag should be applied to a group containing a single interconnected line from the start intersection to the end intersection.



Other Tags

These are other tags that can be used with this to configure it further.


This tag will mark the road as a shortcut.

This means the navigation system will not acknowledge it, AI cars will only take it one-way and you cannot reset your car onto it.




[Speed] [<Speed>]
  • Speed: TODO.


This tag will set the intelligence level AI cars need to use the road.

[Intelligence] [<Level>]
  • Level: The intelligence level for the road.

Version History


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