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Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher is the main tool used to create and run mods for The Simpsons Hit & Run and it can also be used to simply run the original game with quality-of-life improvements.

It has been actively maintained since 2013 and has gained a wide array of features in that time including but not limited to:

  • Bug fixes that resolve issues with the base game and improve the game experience.
  • Support for user created mods that can be enabled alongside one another (barring conflicts).
    • Mods can provide custom files that override those in the game's folder without permanently modifying any of them.
    • Mods can register fully custom characters, vehicles and more.
  • Support for various features expected from modern games.
    • Anti-aliasing (MSAA)
    • Borderless windowed mode
    • Direct3D 9
    • Discord Rich Presence
    • Support for any aspect ratio and resolution.
    • XInput
  • Donut Team Account Integration
    • Allows you to share when you play the game with the Donut Team community.

Nearly every feature of the Mod Launcher is optional and can be toggled at your discretion via the Mods List, Launcher Settings or Command Line Arguments.

Backwards compatibility with old mods is a very important feature to us and we always strive to maintain it with every update to the program. A mod made for the Mod Launcher in 2013 will still work today!


This tool is available from the Donut Team downloads page.


For a guide on setting up the Mod Launcher, see Setting up the Mod Launcher.


To learn how to localise the Mod Launcher and browse available language packs, see Language Localisation.

Included Mods & Hacks

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Installing Mods

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Creating Mods

To get started learning how to create your own mods, see Creating Mods.

Version History

For the version history of the Mod Launcher, see the All Versions page.

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