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This is a setting hack that can be enabled on the "Settings" page of the Mods List.

This hack allows you to take screenshots with F12 and screenshots that exclude the HUD with Alt+F12 or Control+F12.

Configuring This Hack

Mods can provide a custom screenshot sound as a WAV file named ScreenshotTaken.wav located in the root folder of the mod.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.

Version History


  • Made non-ingame messages support language localisation.
  • Improved error handling.


Made it so holding the F12 key will no longer rapidly take screenshots. Also added a -continuousscreenshots command line argument to undo this.


Added the -debugscreenshots command line argument.


  • Moved this hack to the new "Settings" page.
  • Fixed an issue where the default screenshot sound did not work on Windows XP.
  • Fixed this hack failing to take screenshots on Wine or Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions.


  • Made it play a sound when taking a screenshot.
    • Customisable by mods.
  • Made it flash the screen when taking a screenshot.
  • Made Control+F12 take a screenshot that excludes the HUD.


Made this hack into a mod hack instead of it being always enabled. It still defaults to enabled.


Added this hack.

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