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Custom Vertex Shader Support

This is an advanced hack that can only be required by other hacks.

This hack allows other hacks to add custom vertex shaders.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.

Version History


  • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.23.10 when preventing a redundant device reset (which can be opted out of with the -noblockredundantdevicereset command line argument).
    • A mesh with a sphere map shader (when using the Sphere Maps mod hack) or a refraction shader (when using the Hover Car Refraction mod hack) must have been on-screen when not using the Direct3D 9 mod hack.
    • One example of when this crash would occur after such conditions were met was when changing the resolution using the in-game menus.


Fixed an issue where UVs were wrong on Old Primitive Groups that had a colour list when using the "spheremap" PDDI shader provided by the Sphere Maps hack and the "refract" PDDI shader provided by the Refraction Shader Shader support hack.


Added this hack.

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