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game.lua Script

This resource is a Lua script that makes it easy to script levels and missions in Custom Files Lua Path Handler scripts by obscuring the calls to the Output Lua function available in Custom Files Lua path handler scripts.


This script is available from the Donut Team downloads page.


Simply place the script somewhere in your mod's "Resources" folder and load it in CustomFiles.lua:

dofile(GetModPath() .. "/Resources/scripts/game.lua")

Then you can add a [PathHandlers] entry for any MFK script and write scripts in more or less the same way with some notable differences:

  • All commands must be prefixed with Game. since the script stores them in a table called Game.
    • This is done for organizational reasons as flooding the global table with 250-300 functions would be messy.
  • You don't need to have ; after function calls because Lua doesn't require them (though it doesn't hurt to have them).
  • Unlike MFK, strings must always be in quotes.
    • This is notable because Radical omits quotes in a few places as their basic scripting didn't require it.
  • Backslashes \ must be escaped with another backslash like \\.
  • Writing conditional command blocks works differently. See the Conditionals section below for more details.

Here's some example comparisons of one of Radical's function calls and how it would look in Lua:

// Radical often didn't use quotes on their locator names for this command.
GagSetTrigger("action", JasperTrig, 2);

-- So you would need to add them for Lua.
Game.GagSetTrigger("action", "JasperTrig", 2)

Now here's an example path handler:


And the contents of the script for it:




Technical Details

The script has a local function called OutputCommand and a table named Game containing functions for each script command in the base game that use it.

The functions call OutputCommand with the given function name and any arguments given to it. This function then assembles a string of the command call and then calls Output to write it to the virtual script.

If the Additional Script Functionality hack is loaded, additional functions are registered for the commands it adds.


ASF adds conditional commands such as IfCurrentCheckpoint.

These commands are expected to be followed by a conditional block opened with { and closed with a }.

Since there is no way to represent this in that manner with Lua, OutputCommand handles outputting the opening { and you must close it with Game.EndIf() (which just outputs }).

Here are some examples of the same conditional block written in MFK and in a path handler using this script:




This script was created by Donut Team.

Version History

Version 3

  • Changed it so instead of iterating arrays each time its loaded, the script just registers a bunch of functions directly.
  • Added new commands Version 1.25 of the Mod Launcher.
    • Also updated OutputCommand to support conditionals and adding the new Game.EndIf function.

September 14th, 2019

Updated the ASF table with the SetCollectibleSoundEffect command added in Version 1.23.5 of the Mod Launcher.

July 28th, 2019

Initial release.

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