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This command sets the abductable status of a vehicle.

This persists until the command is called again, the status is reset with ResetStageVehicleAbductable or the mission ends.


This command should be called between calls to AddStage and CloseStage.


SetStageVehicleAbductable( vehicle, abductable );

Game.SetStageVehicleAbductable( vehicle, abductable )

  • vehicle: The vehicle you would like to reset the abductable flag on.
    • When using current for the player's current vehicle, the flag will only affect the car the player has at the time they reach the stage.
  • abductable: Set whether or not the vehicle will be abductable.


SetStageVehicleAbductable("skinn_v", true);
SetStageVehicleAbductable("skinn_v", 1);

Game.SetStageVehicleAbductable("skinn_v", true)
Game.SetStageVehicleAbductable("skinn_v", 1)


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