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Version 1.20.1

This update was released on December 31st, 2018.



Made the Mod Launcher check if your mod's Meta.ini was updated since it was loaded when compiling.


This version adds 4 new language strings related to a compiling mod whose Meta.ini was modified since it was loaded.

A new template language (Template_1.20.1.xml) was published on this page including these new strings at the end of the file.

Mod Features

Added an Alpha property to Colour type settings.


Aspect Ratio Support

Fixed an issue where the "Movie Letterbox Colour" setting let you pick an alpha.


Fixed an issue where the "Colour" setting let you pick an alpha.

Override Shader Parameters

Added this new hack. This allows you to override any parameter in a shader from an XML file including ones that are normally forced on such as "2SID" (2-sided).

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