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Custom Dialogue Character Codes

This hack must be required by a mod to be enabled.

This allows mods to define custom dialogue character codes and map multiple outfits to the same character code.

Requiring This Hack

To require this hack, add this line to your mod's Meta.ini:


Your mod must provide a configuration file when requiring this hack.

Configuring This Hack

To configure this hack, create a file named CustomDialogueCharacterCodes.ini and add the parameters necessary for your mod inside it.

; [NongenericOutfits] Section: This section is used to assign outfits to Nongeneric Characters.
	; OUTFIT_NAME: Assigns an outfit to a character.

; [CharacterCodes] Section
	; CHARACTER_NAME: Assign a character to a dialogue code.
		; Any outfits assigned to the character in the [NongenericOutfits] list will also work with this character code.

; Normal Costume

; Bonus Mission NPC

; Car Shop NPC

; Character codes should be 3 or 4 characters.
; This is mainly based on all of Radical's being that way.

Prior to Version 1.17, [NongenericOutfits] had to be assigned to an index in the [NongenericCharacters] section.

For backwards compatibility, this method is still supported.

; [NongenericCharacters] Section
    ; INDEX: The index to assign to a character.
        ; 0-22 are already used by the original game. Any new characters added to this list should use 23 or later.




For the default [NongenericOutfits], [NongenericCharacters] and [CharacterCodes] assignments, see Characters

Version History


Fixed an issue that occured when mods re-assigned characters already in the [NongenericCharacters] list to the index they're already assigned to.


  • Increased the limit of characters in the [NongenericCharacters] section from 128 to Infinite.
  • Made indices in the [NongenericCharacters] section per mod and are automagically remapped as necessary at runtime.
  • Made the [NongenericOutfits] section support mapping an outfit by name.
    • This effectively deprecates the [NongenericCharacters] section.


Added support for [NongenericCharacters].


Added this hack.

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