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Version 22

This update was released on March 7th, 2019.



  • Now based on Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.22.
  • Fixed a silent crash on exit.
  • Made default mods that conflict with enabled mods get ignored.
  • Now supports many of the main Mod Launcher's command line arguments.
    • Also added support for "CommandLine.txt".
    • Also added -multiplayersupersprint. This allows you to go into the Bonus Game but doesn't do anything to make that support SHAR MP.
    • Also added -noignoreenabledmods.
    • Also added -ignoredefaultallowedmods.
    • Also added -ignoredefaultenabledmods.
    • Also added -noignoreconflictingdefaultmods.
    • Also added -ignoredefaultmod.
    • Also added -modlaunchermods.


  • Added a Mirror Mode mutator that enables the new Mirror Mode hack.
  • Added a No Cheats mutator that enables the No Cheats hack and disables all other check hacks.
  • Made the window only close after the game has been successfully launched.
  • Made this window use the icon of the current configuration.
    • Only if using one other than "Main".
    • This can be disabled with the -notitleconfiguration command line argument.
  • Replaced the "Token" field with an "Account..." button.
    • Also added a -nomultiplayeraccountbutton command line argument to revert this.


Made the 3D Phone Booth Previews, No License Screen Delay and No HUD mods allowed by default.



Increased the following limits using Custom Limits:

  • Set the [Miscellaneous] CarLimit to 64.
  • Set the [Miscellaneous] ActionButtonLimit to 184.
  • Changed the [Billboards] QuadLimit limit from 600 to 1300.
  • Set the [CollisionIndices] VehicleLimit to 64.
  • Set the [CollisionIndices] CharacterLimit to 64.
  • Set the [CollisionIndices] DynaPhysLimit to 115.
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