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Skip Main Menu

This is a setting hack that can be enabled on the "Settings" page of the Mods List.

This hack allows you to skip past the main menu when starting the game.


Bonus Game

Set whether or not the game will load into the bonus game.

Defaults to Disabled.


Set the level to load into.

Defaults to 1.


Set the mission to load into.

Defaults to 0. This will change to 1 if you select Levels 2-7.


Set whether or not to load the selected level's demo mission.

Defaults to Disabled.

Version History


Fixed an issue where this hack caused any unlocked reward cars or skins to be locked when you first load into the game.

Going back to the main menu and then back ingame would fix this.


Added a description to this hack.


  • Added "Bonus Game" to load directly into the awesome Bonus Game.
    • If you have no bonus game levels unlocked, the bonus game will become fully unlocked until you return to the main menu.
  • Added "Demo" to load directly into the selected Level's demo when using "-testing".
  • Made changing the "Level" away from "1" not set a value for "Mission".
  • Made the newspaper sound attempt to play.


Added this hack.

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