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Version 1.24

This update was released on May 19th, 2020.



  • Added the -randomcasetext, -invertcasetext, -alternatingcasetext and -reversetext command line arguments.
  • Made "Show License" on the right click menu of hacks (in the mods list and on the Non-mod Hacks page of the Launcher Settings window) not include the license(s) of Hack Support.
    • Only when its a required advanced hack. This does not affect Hack Support itself.
    • This prevents hacks that don't use TinyXML from including TinyXML in this menu.
      • This was an issue introduced in 1.22.4.
  • Fixed another crash on startup when failing to read/write a pinned shortcut.
    • The -nofixpinnedshortcuts command line argument could be used to workaround this.

Mods List

  • Made it so the sub category combo box gets cleared if the selected category has no sub categories.
  • Made it reloading individual mods keeps them selected.

Mod Settings

  • Fixed an issue where settings with wide labels could cause all but the last setting in their group to overflow the group.

Launcher Settings

  • Made "Show License" on the right click menu of hacks on the Non-mod Hacks page only include the licenses of advanced hacks they require when "Show Advanced Hacks" is unticked.
  • Fixed an issue where settings that were not set to their default value would not be bold when opening the window if this meant they were unticked.


This version adds new language strings.

A new template language (Template_1.24.xml) was published on this page including these new strings at the end of the file.


Hack Support

  • Improved handling of saved games with purchased cars and/or skins at indices that are not bound in the current rewards file with a very informative message.
  • Made the "hack events" Debug Text page (available when using the -testing command line argument) show the top 18 internal hack events in addition to the information it already showed.
  • Changed part of the error message shown when no audio device is connected from "Please connect an audio output device or install a virtual audio device (such as VB-Audio Virtual Cable) and launch the game again." to "You can enable the No Audio mod hack to allow the game to run without an audio output device or connect one and launch the game again.".
  • Made it so Buffer overruns (and possibly other error messages from the game's instance of the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime) save crash dumps.
    • These types of crash also now have more modern looking dialogs.
    • Due to the nature of buffer overrun detection (including the fact that it is detection for corruption that has already occured but shouldn't have had a chance to do anything dangerous (in terms of security, not stability)), it may not always be feasible to get much information from these crash dumps.
    • Also added the -nohandlecrtmessagebox command line argument to opt out of this.
  • Made creating an additional swap chain (when the Resizable Window mod hack is enabled and not using the -noadditionalswapchain command line argument or when using the -additionalswapchain command line argument) terminate the game if the device window handle (hDeviceWindow) is invalid according to IsWindow.
    • This is done after an assert when using the -testing command line argument.
    • This is to prevent asserts when closing the game window before the game loads simpsons.ini.
  • Made CreateAdditionalSwapChain failing when creating an additional swap chain only assert when using the -testing command line argument.
  • Made failing to create an additional swap chain fall back to not using an additional swap chain.
    • This also disables further attempts to use an additional swap chain.
    • This is the same behaviour as using the -noadditionalswapchain argument.

Bug Fixes

  • Added the new RoadArrowPathItemLimitIncludeIntersectionCount bug fix to the [Crashes] section.
    • This fixes an issue where intersections are not accounted for when creating an array used by the game to place road arrows when navigating.
    • This issue has been particularly apparent in custom maps where certain road network configurations may cause this issue to arise.
  • Added the new "Visual > Stuck Brake and Reverse Lights" bug fix to the hack's settings.
    • This fixes some issues where the brake and reverse lights could get stuck on cars.

Custom Car Support

  • Added the NoBumperCam property.
    • This just disables the bumper cam for a given car, like how the RC Car does by default.
  • Made it so this hack only patches the game code for the specific functionality being used by the currently loaded mods.
  • Added the Husk property.
    • This specifies what car should be used as this vehicle's husk when it explodes.
    • The vehicle used for this property should be marked as a husk using the IsHusk property below.
  • Added the IsHusk property.
    • This marks a car as being a husk, giving it certain special properties that the charred husk has by default.
  • Added the BackWheelSparks property.
    • This makes a vehicle's back wheels emit sparks like how the charred husk does by default.
  • Added the Invincible property.
    • This makes it impossible to destroy the vehicle.

Custom Character Support

Added the IdleAnimationWeight property to character sections.

This can be specified once for each idle animation for the skin in the character's CHO file to control how common each idle animation is.

Custom Files


  • Added an [AdditionalFiles] section to the hack's configuration file.
    • This allows you to define any number of additional files to be loaded when a particular file is requested.
    • This is useful for the new husk features of Custom Car Support, allowing you to keep a car specific husk model separate and have it get loaded alongside the regular car model.

Lua Scripting

  • Fixed a memory leak when Lua failed to allocate memory to return the result of a call to the ReadFile function.
  • Fixed a major issue where Lua functions that are only supposed to work when handling a path (Output, Redirect, GetPath, IsWriting and UseCallbacks) could be called in a UseCallbacks callback but would not work properly. Now they cannot be called in this case.
  • Added the ReadFileOffset function. This allows you to read part of a file.

Custom Limits

  • Added the [Heaps] section.
    • This section allows mods to control the size of specific heaps in the game.
  • Added the [Cars] section.
    • Also moved the [Miscellaneous] section's CarLimit to this new section.
      • It is still supported in [Miscellaneous] for backwards compatibility.
    • Also added the new HuskLimit to this section.

Custom Stats Totals

Added support for wasp, gag, car and skin totals being 0. These totals are now excluded from the overall percentage when they're 0 rather than causing the game to divide by 0.

Custom Vertex Shader Support

  • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.23.10 when preventing a redundant device reset (which can be opted out of with the -noblockredundantdevicereset command line argument).
    • A mesh with a sphere map shader (when using the Sphere Maps mod hack) or a refraction shader (when using the Hover Car Refraction mod hack) must have been on-screen when not using the Direct3D 9 mod hack.
    • One example of when this crash would occur after such conditions were met was when changing the resolution using the in-game menus.

Debug Text

"cars" Page

Added information about husks.

File System RCFs

Added this new hack.

FLAC Support

Potentially fixed a potential crash on computers that don't support enhanced instructions.

Interior Sprinting

Completely rewrote this hack to fix an issue where if you started a mission with an animated camera at the start, cancelled it and then used mission select to go to a mission that starts in an interior, it would play the previous mission's start camera.

No Audio

Added this new hack.

The "No Audio" mod is still included but it is overridden by this hack unless you explicitly disable the hack with the -disablehack NoAudio command line argument.

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