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Main Menu Camera Animation

The main menu's camera animation is actually just one animation.

The animation is located in art\frontend\scrooby\resource\pure3d\camset.p3d and is titled CAM_FE_Camera.

The game hardcodedly plays certain frames of this animation when you select options on the menu.

This page documents which frames are used for what action.

Start frame End frame Description Use
0 53 Main To Newspaper New Game
80 110 Main To Couch Main To Options
110 140 Couch To Main Options To Main
140 170 Main To TV Resume Game
200 230 Main To VCR Main To Load Game
230 260 VCR To Main Load Game To Main
320 350 Main To Scrap Book Main To Scrap Book
350 380 Scrap Book To Main Scrap Book To Main
530 560 Couch To Controller Options To Controller
560 590 Controller To Couch Controller To Options
600 630 Couch To TV Options To View Credits
630 660 TV To Couch View Credits To Options
660 690 Couch To Krusty Thing Options To Sound
690 720 Krusty Thing To Couch Sound To Options
721 770 Animate In Start
770 800 Animate Out Unused
810 830 Scrap Book Open Scrap Book To Open Book/Game Stats
830 850 Scrap Book Close Open Book/Game Stats To Scrap Book
880 913 Main To Race Car Mini Game
914 944 Couch To Wasp Options To View Movies
944 974 Wasp To Couch View Movies To Options
975 1005 Wasp To TV View Movies To Play Movie
1005 1035 TV To Wasp Play Movie To View Movies
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