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Modern Computer Support

This hack is always enabled when using the Mod Launcher.

This hack makes various patches to the game to make it work better on modern computers and operating systems.


This is a list of fixes that are applied by this hack.

  • Fixes slow load times on Windows Vista / Windows Server 2003 or newer.
    • This hack does not do this if Load Manager Thread Coordination is enabled as it is not necessary.
    • How this is achieved is dependent on whether or not "Limit to Single Core" is enabled on the "Game" tab of Launcher Settings.
      • If enabled, this is done by making any threads created by the game run on your first processor core.
      • If disabled, this hack will instead change various Sleep calls in the game to be called with a 1 instead of a 0.
  • Makes the game window get centered properly in Windowed mode if your screen resolution is wider than 1600 pixels.
  • Makes the game work if it's installed to a drive with the letter A: or B:.
  • Makes DirectSound's maximum sample rate 200,000hz instead of 100,000hz in non-English releases of the game.
    • The original English release already has a maximum of 200,000. This change is just to make it consistent.
  • Makes it so the game cannot have a delta time of 0 by skipping any frames that would have resulted in that (which happens when the frame-rate goes over 1000).
    • This fixes issues where positions of various things like the player could become NaN (due to the game dividing by 0).
    • This fix can be opted out of with the -allowzerodeltatime command line argument.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.

Version History


Fixed an issue where the frame delta time could be 0 if the FPS went over 1000. This could cause things (like the player's position) to become NaN.


Fixed an issue in the game where the border was not removed when in fullscreen (particularly noticable on Windows 10).


Now outputs the detected OS version to the Console on startup.


Made non-english versions of the game use 200,000hz as the maximum sample rate like the Release English version instead of 100,000hz.


Made the game support running from the A: and B: drives.

1.2 or earlier

Added this hack.