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Version 4.4

This update was released on June 9th, 2020.


  • Added the Ctrl+N hotkey for "File > New".
  • Added the Ctrl+O hotkey for "File > Open...".
  • Made the open file dialogue used for "File > Open..." default to the directory containing the currently loaded P3D file (if one is loaded).
  • Made the program set its working directory to the directory containing its executable when starting it with a command line argument to open a file.
    • One such case where this change makes a difference is when opening a file associated with the program. In that case, it makes it so the program doesn't keep the folder that file is in in use.
  • Fixed an issue where "Vertex Type Unknown" was not set when loading a Primitive Group (0x10020) chunk.
  • Fixed an issue where changing "Number of Strings" on a Frontend Language (0x1800E) chunk to a higher number would cause a crash and to a lower number would corrupt the chunk.
  • Added more name mappings for hashes found in Frontend Language (0x1800E) chunks.
  • Made importing over a Sprite (0x19005) chunk preserve the Image Width and Image Height being 0 if they're already 0.
  • Made it so string padding warnings related to the "Shader" value on Sprite (0x19005) and Texture Font (0x22000) chunks are now messages instead.
    • This means these no longer show a message box and get highlighted in orange, instead they'll just be highlighted in yellow with a message in the Value Editor.
  • Various performance improvements.


Frontend Language Editor

Made this editor support editing text strings by double clicking them.

Texture Font Editor

Added support for viewing characters that ignore the text color specified by the game. These are used for button symbols in the game Scarface: The World is Yours.



Added the following new tools for working with P3DXML files:

  • Import All Fence (0x3F00007)...
    • Removes all existing Fence (0x3F00007) chunks and adds the ones from the input P3DXML to the end of the file.
  • Export All Fence (0x3F00007)...
    • Exports all Fence (0x3F00007) chunks to P3DXML.
  • Import All Roads...
    • Removes all existing Road (0x3000003), Road Data Segment (0x3000009) and Intersection (0x3000004) chunks and imports the ones from the input P3DXML before the darrow and warrow Anim (0x3F0000C) chunks.
    • If neither of those chunks exist, the new chunks are added to the end of the file.
  • Export All Roads...
    • Exports all Road (0x3000003), Road Data Segment (0x3000009) and Intersection (0x3000004) chunks in the file to P3DXML.
  • Import All Path (0x300000B)...
    • Removes all existing Path (0x300000B) chunks and adds the ones from the input P3DXML to the end of the file.
  • Export All Path (0x300000B)...
    • Exports all Path (0x300000B) chunks to P3DXML.

Offset Positions...

Made this tool support the following chunk types:

  • Mesh (0x10000)
  • Old Primitive Group (0x10002)
  • Bounding Box (0x10003)
  • Bounding Sphere (0x10004)
  • Position List (0x10005)

Export Language...

  • Fixed a bug where this tool did not tell the INI writer to escape strings with hashes.
    • This was necessary as hashes are supported for comments in INI files used by CustomText in the Mod Launcher.
  • Made strings beginning or ending with a " get escaped.

Import Language...

Added this new tool to import an INI file over Frontend Language (0x1800E) chunks.

Copy Car...

Made this tool also copy the BV Collision Object (0x7010000) and Physics Object (0x7011000) chunks.


  • Made the program remember if a loaded P3DXML file was in the "Pure3DFile" or "Pure3DChunk"/"Pure3DChunks" format and preserve this when saving it.
    • This does not apply to exporting, only saving.
  • Changed it so Type 5 Zone Event Locator (0x3000005) chunks with extra garbage data after the null terminator at the end of their DynaLoadData strings are exported with an additional Data attribute that contains the entire DynaLoadData string as well as that garbage data as Base64 instead of including it in the Value attribute.
    • This is because it is apparently not valid to include null terminators in XML strings and certain parsers that respect this part of the standard (such as Python's) refused to load files containing these (such as L2_TERRA).
    • When present, the Data attribute is only used when importing a file if the Value attribute contains equivalent data.
    • This attribute is only so the editor can preserve the exact state of the chunk and it's generally not recommended that you read or write it yourself.
  • Made it so "Saved with Lucas' Pure3D Editor VERSION" comments are now included at the start of exported P3DXML files.
    • We recommend other people creating tools that export these files include their own comments indicating that it was saved with their tool.
    • Please do not indicate your files were created with the Pure3D Editor in your own tools.
  • Fixed a bug where chunks with a display name that contained 2 consective dashes (-) or ended in a dash would make exporting fail.
    • Display name comments that would have contained 2 consecutive dashes are now omitted.
    • Display name comments that would have ended in a dash now have a space appended to the end.
    • One file that was affected by this was art\frontend\scrooby\frontend.p3d.
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