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Version 1.25.1

This update was released on August 1st, 2020.



  • Improved performance when working out what mod icon should be shown for configurations that don't have a main mod enabled on the main window, in the right click menu of the mods list, on the Manage Configurations window and when updating the Jump List.
  • Made it so the configurations list in the right click menu of the mods list is only updated when opening the menu after one of the following circumstances has occurred since it was last opened:
    • Changing what main mods or edition mods are enabled for the current configuration.
    • Reloading mods.
    • Pressing "OK" on the "Manage Configurations" window.

Mod Settings

Fixed an issue introduced in Version 1.24 where having a single mod setting with a wide label in a group or page by itself caused it to be smaller than it's supposed to be.


Fixed an issue where the Main mod or Edition mod's icon would not appear on the "Manage Configurations" window when importing a configuration that had a Main mod or an Edition mod enabled until the window was closed and re-opened.

Mod Features

Fixed an issue introduced in Version 1.25 where compiling an encrypted mod resulted in a corrupt LMLM file.

See the Encryption property on this page for details on when Mod Encryption is enabled.


Hack Support

Fixed a crash and/or asserts (when using the -testing command line argument) in the game that occured when it reset its device while minimised in windowed mode.

This could happen in various cases such as when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete (on Windows XP if the Welcome Screen is disabled or on Windows Vista or newer), getting a User Account Control prompt that dims the screen, updating your graphics driver or hibernating the computer.

Additional Script Functionality

Overhauled the handling of stage vehicles in regards to checkpoints.

This fixes various issues when resuming from a checkpoint when the mission added stage vehicles before it such as:

  • Stage vehicles spawning near the origin of the world when activated in the stage with the checkpoint or any subsequent stages without a locator being given to ActivateVehicle.
  • Stage vehicles that were added but not activated before the checkpoint would not exist if the checkpoint stage did not activate them even though they should.
  • Several script functions added by this hack would fail and show an assert when used before the checkpoint:
  • Stage vehicles added and activated in the first stage would cause an assert when using the -testing command line argument.
    • Only if the checkpoint was not on the first stage (why would you even have one there?)

Debug Text


Added a list of cars that will be removed the next time they're off screen to both the "cars" and "mission" pages.

"mission" Page

  • Made it so this page now shows which stages have checkpoints and which stage is currently the active checkpoint.
  • Changed "active" to "current" when indicating what stage you're currently on.
  • Made it so this page now shows the current state of a stage.
    • A stage's state can be "active", "completed" or "failed".
    • A stage's state can also be nothing.
  • Made it so this page now shows what stage vehicles are being manipulated in each stage.
    • This shows what locator and AI the vehicle is being added and/or activated with.
  • Made it so this page now shows a list of every stage vehicle used in the mission.
    • This list shows whether or not the vehicle is currently in the world.
    • This list also shows the driver of the vehicle and also whether or not the driver is in the world.
    • Cars are removed from this list when the mission is done using them.
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