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This tag is used to create Type 9 Action Event Locators with the CollectorCard type.

These are used to spawn collector cards in the world.


To use this group tag, you must first Include any of the following XML files:

  • Zone.xml

Then you must execute any of the following ModelOutputInstructions on the tagged group or a group containing it:

  • BaseZone
    • Recommended when building an entire zone.
  • Locators2
    • Recommended when building a group that only contains locators.
  • Entities
    • Not recommended.


<CardID> [CollectorCard]
  • CardID: The ID of the collector card.
    • This is the word "card" followed by a level index and a card index.
    • For example, card11 is Level 1's first collector card.

Group Structure

This tag should be applied to a group containing a Locator component and one or more RectTriggerVolume or SphereTriggerVolume components.

Cards typically have a single SphereTriggerVolume with a radius of 1 meter (which is the default scale of these components).


This is an example of a group with this tag applied to it:

collector card example

Other Tags

There are no other other tags that can be used with this tag to configure it further.

Version History


Initial release.

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