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Custom Car Shop Support

This is a Legacy hack as of Version 1.18 as its functionality is replicated by Custom Shop Support.

This hack allowed mods to define custom car shop NPCs and conversation names.

Requiring This Hack

To require this hack, add this line to your mod's Meta.ini:


Your mod must provide a configuration file when requiring this hack.

Configuring This Hack

To configure this hack, create a file named CustomCarShopSupport.ini and add the parameters necessary for your mod inside it.

; [LevelX] Section
    ; Conversation: The name of the conversation to use.
        ; Leave blank to have no conversation.
    ; Character: The name of the character to use.

; Simply make a section for whichever levels you want to modify.

; The new conversation name to use

; The new character to use including the "reward_" prefix applied to car shop NPCs

; If you don't want a conversation, you can just set it to nothing

Version History


Removed this hack and made it get superseded by Custom Shop Support for backwards compatibility.

Mods that still require this hack will continue to work and new mods that require it will still be able to use CustomCarShopSupport.ini.


Added this hack.

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