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Debug Checks

This is a developer hack that can be enabled on the "Developer" page of the Mods List.

This hack adds various checks and error messages that help with debugging mods.


Missing Detection > Locator

Makes the hack show an error message when a locator is not found.

Defaults to Enabled.

NOTE: These messages can show up when playing the original game because Radical screwed up in a number of places.

Missing Detection > Composite Drawable *(Experimental)*(Experimental)

Makes the hack show an error message when a composite drawable is not found.

Defaults to Enabled.

Use Legacy Names

Makes the hack use older, unofficial chunk names.

Defaults to Disabled.

Combine Zone Tree Node Exceeded Messages

Makes the hack combine multiple tree nodes having their limits exceeded into a single message.

Defaults to Enabled.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.

Version History


Fixed an issue where Composite Drawable Missing Detection incorrectly claimed to be "Experimental" even though it has not been considered experimental since before Version 1.23.9.


  • Added new messages for crashes within MFK and CON scripts.
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • You can press "OK" to continue executing the script from the next command.
      • The game might be in a corrupt state afterwards though.
  • Added a new message for missing tokens in MFK and CON scripts.
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • Without this message, Radical silently aborts executing the script when a token is missing.
      • This still happens if you press "OK" on this message.


Debug Checks

Fixed a false positive in the new vehicle sound checks added in the previous version.

This happened when a mission (such as a street race) forced you into your own car (not a forced car), you cancelled the mission and then got out of your car.


  • Added new checks for when certain types of vehicle sounds (engine sounds and overlays) fail to play.
    • For example, clips will fail to play when the daSoundResourceData name they use does not exist.


Removed the "Experimental" title from the "Missing Detection > Composite Drawable" setting.


  • Added a null-check of the car to the get position and get move speed functions of vehicle positional sound players with a new assert.
    • In other words, this assert can appear after the game tries and fails to play vehicle sounds.
    • Also added the -novehiclepositionalsoundplayercarnullcheckasserts command line argument to suppress the assert and allow the game to try to continue.


  • Fixed a crash when cancelling a mission or failing a mission and choosing "no" when the player is inside some types of disabled triggers.
  • Made it so this hack does not assert if a locator is missing if Missing Locator Detection is enabled in Debug Checks.


Fixed a null pointer dereference when using the "MUTE" command line argument (enabled by the included "No Audio" mod) that could cause a crash in some cases (observed on Windows XP).


Moved to the new "Developer" page.


Added this hack.

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