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Version 4.2

This update was released on May 5th, 2019.

  • Added a "Two Sided" tickbox to the "Shader Editor".
  • Added the "Add Black Magic" tool back to the tools menu that was previously removed in version 4.0.3.
    • It now only shows up if you have "View > Show Advanced Chunks" enabled as Black Magic chunks are Advanced.
    • It also removes all existing Black Magic chunks before adding new ones.
    • The name changed from "Add Magic" since the chunk type was renamed since then.
    • The name also now "(Road Rage)" on the end as these chunks are specific to The Simpsons Road Rage.
  • Added the "Export All Intersect" and "Import All Intersect" tools.
    • These tools export and import all intersects in a file to/from OBJ files.
      • These files contain OBJ groups that are separated by surface type.
      • To maintain these, you must make sure you're re-exporting the file with OBJ Groups in your 3D modelling software.
    • The Export tool is only shown if the loaded file contains "Intersect" chunks.
    • The Import tool will remove all intersects in the file and create new ones on the end of the file that are split to fit the standard tree node size.
      • You should keep the original mesh you import somewhere due to the fact it gets split every time you import it.
  • Made the "Edit Rotation" tool supported on "Camera" chunks. This might not be useful given that cameras usually have accompanying animations. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Made the Model XML format support alpha for Shaders and Vertex Colours.
  • Updated the tool's copyright year to 2019.
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