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Additional Characters

This resource pack includes various additional ingame character models that are not in the original game.

It also includes pre-made files for the following things to make it easier to add the characters into your projects:


The following characters are included in this resource pack:

  • Fat Tony
    • Updated model in the July 2019 Update.
    • The original model is included in the "Sad Mafia Frog" folder.
  • Legs
  • Maggie
  • Martin
    • Added in the July 2019 Update
  • Sideshow Bob


These resources are available from the Donut Team downloads page.


These resources can be discussed on the General Information thread.


The following mod creators contributed characters to this resource pack:

  • Donut Team
    • DoctorBison: Fat Tony, Sad Mafia Frog
    • Loren Goodwin: Legs, Sideshow Bob
    • Mike: Martin
  • Nightbane
    • Maggie

If you'd like to contribute, please contact a member of Donut Team or post on the General Information thread.

Version History

July 2019 Update

Added an all new model for Fat Tony and added Martin.

Initial Release

Initial release with Fat Tony, Legs, Maggie and Sideshow Bob.

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