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All Hacks

Hacks are a feature of the Mod Launcher that patch the game with new and expanded functionality. They can be required and configured by user created Mods or enabled in the Mods List.

This page documents all of the hacks that exist and what version of the Mod Launcher introduced them.

Always Enabled Hacks

These hacks are always enabled when using the Mod Launcher.

Mod Requirable Hacks

These hacks are requirable by mods that wish to opt-in and make use of their functionality.

Hack Name Added In Configurable
3D Phone Booth Preview Support 1.18 ✔️
Additional Script Functionality 1.18
Bug Fixes 1.15 ✔️
Custom Animation Set Support 1.4
Custom Audio Support 1.18 ✔️
Custom Bonus Mission Support 1.14 ✔️
Custom Car Support 1.6 ✔️
Custom Character Support 1.17 ✔️
Custom Dialogue Character Codes 1.12 ✔️
Custom Files 1.21 ✔️
Custom Headlights 1.21 ✔️
Custom Interior Support 1.17 ✔️
Custom License Screen Time 1.5 ✔️
Custom Limits 1.14 ✔️
Custom Mission Skip Fail Counts 1.5 ✔️
Custom Road Behaviour 1.16 ✔️
Custom Shop Support 1.18 ✔️
Custom Skin Preview Animations 1.21 ✔️
Custom Stats Totals 1.6 ✔️
Custom Text 1.21 ✔️
Custom Traffic Support 1.22 ✔️
Custom Trigger Actions 1.20 ✔️
Custom Video Resolution Support 1.18 ✔️
Dynamic Tree Node Entity Limits 1.22
FLAC Support 1.18
Hack Support 1.21 ✔️
Hover Car Refraction 1.23.4
HUD Map Ignore Player Height 1.16.1
Increased Reward Limits 1.17 ✔️
Increased Video Resolution Support 1.11
No Automatic Saved Game Load 1.12
No Bonus Game 1.25
No Busted Hit & Run Meter Reset 1.23.6
No Cheats 1.5
No Fast Car Reset 1.14
No Hit & Run Music 1.23.6
No Inactive Dynamic Object Collisions 1.16
No Main Menu Camera Animations 1.20
No Mission Start Cameras 1.16
No Neither Road Arrow Processing 1.21
No Saved Games 1.21
No Wrenches 1.20
OGG Vorbis Support 1.18
Override Shader Parameters 1.20.1 ✔️
Refraction Shader Support 1.23.4
Replayable Bonus Missions 1.12
Skippable FMVs 1.26
Unlock All Missions 1.14
Unlock All Outfits 1.14
Unlock All Vehicles 1.14
Unlock Bonus Game 1.14
Video Texture Support 1.19

Setting Hacks

These hacks mainly contain various small setting-like features.

They can be enabled by the user on the "Settings" page of the Mods List.

Developer Hacks

These hacks may be useful for mod developers.

Advanced Hacks

These hacks are internal hacks that contain shared functionality used by multiple other hacks.

Legacy / Removed Hacks

These hacks were either superseded by a newer hack or removed altogether in a previous version.

Hack Name Added In Removed In Superseded By
Custom Car Shop Support 1.12 Legacy as of 1.18 Custom Shop Support
Custom Terra Files 1.21 Removed in 1.5
Widescreen 1.10 Removed in 1.15 Aspect Ratio Support


1 This hack was added in Version 1.2 or earlier. We do not have information prior to this version.

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