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Custom Character Support

This hack must be required by a mod to be enabled.

This hack allows you to enable certain features on new and existing characters.

Requiring This Hack

To require this hack, add this line to your mod's Meta.ini:


Your mod must provide a configuration file when requiring this hack.

Configuring This Hack

To configure this hack, create a file named CustomCharacterSupport.ini and add the parameters necessary for your mod inside it.

; [CHARNAME] Section: Set values for character specified in place of CHARNAME.
	; BlendModeSupport: Allows the usage of Additive and Subtractive shaders on this character. Defaults to 0, meaning all shaders will be forced to Alpha.
	; IsLisa: Forces the character to sit 0.12 meters higher in either seat of a car.
		; Defaults to 1 for any character whose name is "lisa" or starts with "l_".
	; IsMarge: Stops joints 33, 34 and 35 of the skeleton (Marge's hair) from getting bent down in a car that has SetHighRoof set to 0.
		; Defaults to 1 for any character whose name is "marge" or starts with "m_".

; Other Notes
	; Any character whose internal name starts with m_ or l_ are considered Marge (IsMarge) or Lisa (IsLisa) respectively by default.


Version History


Added the BlendModeSupport property to characters that allows the usage of Additive and Subtractive shaders.


Added this hack.